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We always order our groceries with Ocado, because of the convenience and the service but another of the great benefits is the range of high quality brands that are available. Getting authentic Italian brands of food and drink is made so easy with the Ciao Gusto shop at Ocado which includes over 30 of Italy’s most popular brands, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for – and discover new and exciting ingredients – in just one click.

Recently, Ciao Gusto have brought a really exciting new addition to the Ciao Gusto shop: Novi Chocolate. Noviis Italy’s favourite chocolate brand, and was founded in 1903. It produces the simply the finest, highest quality Italian chocolate and we couldn’t wait to try it.

The Ciao Gusto Novi Chocolate range at Ocado includes lots of chocolate varieties and also the Novi Hazelnut and chocolate spread. You can see the current range and choices here below

I decided to try the milk chocolate and hazelnut chocolate bar, and it tastes so good. Lately I am trying to reduce the amount of chocolates that I eat, so rather than eating chocolate super regularly I would rather buy a really nice one like this every couple of weeks and then take the time to really enjoy it. Hazelnuts and chocolate has to be one of the best combinations, and Novi are very generous with the amount of hazelnuts included in the bar – so it is great!

The other product that we were curious to try out was the Novi Hazelnut and chocolate spread. My kids are big fans of chocolate spread and they eat it a lot, so I was interested to see whether Novi would be a better brand for us to try.

The chocolate spread contains 45% hazelnut and I could definitely taste that. Personally, I did prefer it to other chocolate spread brands that we normally buy and would definitely use this chocolate spread again. We normally eat ours on toast, but it’s also useful for baking and if I was going to bake with chocolate spread I would prefer to use this Novi hazelnut chocolate spread to get the best quality flavour.

Discover why Novi is Italy’s favourite chocolate for yourself at
Here’s a full list of the Italian brands you’ll discover at the Ciao Gusto Italian Deli:
Novi – Chocolate
Pasta – Barilla, Rana
Rice – Riso Gallo
Flours – Polenta Valsugana
Tomato and Vegetable Conserves – Cirio
Cheese and Dairy – Auricchio, Parmareggio 
Fish – Delicius, Medusa
Herbs and Spices – Cannamela
Tuna – Rio Mare
Cured Meats – Negroni
Soya and Rice products – Valsoia
Olive Oil – Filippo Berio
Vinegar – Ponti
Bakery – Colussi, Misura, 
Dried fruits – Noberasco
Jams – Santa Rosa
Coffee – Lavazza
Herbal Teas – Bonomelli
Water and Fruit Juices – San Benedetto, Santal 
Wine – Zonin, Santa Margherita 
Spirits – Vecchia Romagna
Cherries and Syrups – Fabbri


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