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This year, Christmas is going to be a bit different for everyone with all of the Corona Virus restrictions and lockdowns. It can be hard to share the festive season with loved ones from a distance, but Moonpig offer some great gift and card options which can be sent directly to your loved ones to help remind them how much you care and are thinking about them.

Moonpig sent us some of their lovely gifts, and a voucher to spend on their website so we could see just how easy it was to shop with them online.

When you think of Moonpig, you normally first think of their personalised cards but they also have a much wider range of gifts available than I had realised.

These are just a few of the gifts available…

The Nutcracker treat tin had so many treats inside for the whole family to enjoy, from hot chocolate to cake, to biscuits and chocolates and we loved the festive packaging of the Nutcracker tin, which you can keep and re-use every Christmas season.

It’s also really nice that there are so many non edible gift choices available too, like the yankee candles gift set, and the OPI nail varnish gift set, which is packaged in a very cute way in the little Christmas cracker.

I also noticed on the Moonpig website that there are so many toys and gifts for kids available to choose from. I had no idea!

This will be perfect for sending some Christmas gifts directly to my little niece, as it seems like we will not be able to spend Christmas Day in person with my sister and her family this year. There are so many great quality brands that my niece will love like Playmobil, Ravensburger puzzles, and the Gruffalo.

If everything had been normal by now, I would have been at my sister’s house this weekend for our annual pre-Christmas shopping trip and girl’s weekend but unfortunately with the current situation of the second lockdown, we have had to postpone it for now.

However, we can always do a virtual girl’s night by ordering some festive supplies to each other’s houses and catching up over the phone or on zoom. I chose this snowy Christmas sack hamper, which has all my sister’s favourites in it like mince pies and Guylian sea horses.

Another really clever idea from Moonpig is letter box wine. I had never seen this before! You get a full sized non breakable bottle, in a flat container that fits through your letter box without needing to be signed for… genius!

All of these great gift options make it just a little bit easier for us to celebrate Christmas across the miles with our loved ones, even if it is sadly a bit harder for us to catch up with everyone in person this year!



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