Christmas Ornament Sun Catchers

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We love making colourful sun catchers. Whatever the time of year, it’s always beautiful to see the light streaming through brightening up the room and sun catchers can be a really easy and quick craft for kids to have fun making.

We made these Christmas Ornament Sun Catchers in a couple of different styles. You can adapt them to whatever style or colour scheme you and your children prefer.

Christmas Ornament Sun Catchers easy and fun craft for kids


To make these Christmas Ornament sun catchers we used this Bauble Stained Glass effect decorations pack

You can get a pack with 6 templates for £3.96 or 24 for £14.88 which includes the black card templates, coloured cellophane, and ribbon to hang.

We adapted some of the designs by adding our own shiny silver card too, to fill in some of the star designs in the template.

How to make the Stained Glass effect Christmas Ornament Sun catchers

Take your template, you will need two black cards with the same design, and press out all of the spaces within the design, leaving just the outline

IMG_2255Carefully lay your coloured cellophane in place over each section of the template. Older children may choose to carefully cut each piece and give a different colour to every small section, whereas smaller children may work more roughly and randomly – but that’s fine! It still looks pretty once it’s finished.

IMG_2258My 3 year old Mr R made these with me, and my older boys (5 and 6) always enjoy this craft too. It’s fun for all ages and can be adapted to each skill level.

IMG_2261For the younger ones its a chance to talk about colours and shapes, to explore colour mixing when placing two pieces of coloured cellophane in an overlapping design, and a good chance to work on cutting and gluing which helps with fine motor development.

One the design is placed onto one side of your Christmas ornament template, then it’s time to apply glue to the other side and then carefully place this down on top to secure the design.

IMG_2262Make sure the glue is applied liberally so that it sticks down firmly. We have also made similar sun catchers  secured by tape (see our butterfly and bird sun catchers here). That also works, so you can use whatever you have available.

IMG_2267Because Mr R is quite young, he found it easier to stick down the two sides first, and then cut away the excess cellophane which came out from the sides. Younger toddlers might need an adult to help out with this but 3-4 years and older would be able to have a go at cutting this excess away by themselves. You can also cut it before sticking down the other side of the template but this way will ensure the colour covers right up to the edges.

IMG_2272Once its finished, hold it up to the window and see the colours shining in the sun light! Even on a dull winter day, you will still see this effect.

IMG_2276For a change, we decided to add some shiny silver card to some of our other templates to try a different effect.

IMG_2294This was made in the same way as shown above. The light won’t shine through the silver card of course, but the combination of shiny silver and of blue and purple with the sun light shining through did look pretty especially for a Christmas decoration.

IMG_2301As you can see, Mr R was quite pleased with them 🙂

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  1. Take your template, you will need two black cards with the same design, and press out all of the spaces within the design, leaving just the outline


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