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Babyface have such lovely things for children’s bedrooms. I have been making some effort to improve my boys bedrooms recently, and Babyface sent me a few things from their boys bedroom ranges to help me out!

boys bedroom

I was sent a Quilted Pillowcase from the McKenzie range which is really soft and padded and luxurious, with a great patchwork effect which coordinates well with the blue walls of the older boy’s room.

Patchwork quilted pillow
McKenzie Range

I was also sent a gingham duvet set, which is great to mix and match with the McKenzie. The bedding is all a great quality 100% cotton, and feels nice and soft against the children’s skin. I have washed all these bedding items a few times now and they are coming up as good as new, so I would say they wash very well.

navy gingham bedding
Navy Gingham
boys bedding
Loving the bedding!

As you can see, these two were very pleased with the bedding – and it’s not even their bed!! This is their older brothers, but as soon as I put the new duvet covers on, they couldn’t resist climbing in and testing it all out!

I am really impressed with all the bedding, due to the quality and these are such versatile designs that would fit in with most boys bedrooms and can go with any theme.

Babyface also sent me some extra accessories to add some more personality to their rooms. I love these little finishing touches, and they make all the difference to a room.


I was sent 3 of the Fabric Letters – one each for Mr Z, Mr T and Mr R. These are great for adding a personalised touch to their rooms by including their initials. The letters come with a small loop on the back so they can easily be fixed onto the wall with any hook. I did this in Mr R’s room, and for Mr Z and Mr T I have displayed the letters on the shelf which also works well. The colours coordinate really nicely with all the bedding items as I have a mixture of blues and red. We have the Blue Candystripe, Red Dotty, and Denim fabrics.

All letters of the alphabet are all available in every design. I have noticed with some shops, its a case of A comes in stripey, B comes in spotty and so on, so you get less choice but with Babyface it is not like that at all and there are loads of varieties available. You can also get heart shapes and &. If your child has a shortish name these letters would also look fantastic to spell out the whole name. I really like them! The quality, size and chunkiness of them is great!

The last item we were sent is some fabric bunting.

boys bedroom bunting
Boys Bunting

I used this for my youngest, Mr R’s room as I always like bunting in a nursery. It adds a great splash of colour and looks really cheerful. I was able to easily attach it to the wall with a couple of pins and it has stayed up with no problems at all. This bunting is 2 meters long which is just an ideal length for his room. Plenty to cover a decent section of wall, but not so much that it becomes unwieldy to hang. It would also look great to decorate a room or garden for parties.

I have been really impressed with everything from Babyface and I would definitely go and buy from them in future when I am in need of more accessories for their room. I already have my eye on a few things I fancy getting. Their service is also really friendly and helpful, I couldn’t fault them in anything. It’s not actually a shop I had heard of much before, but I would really recommend them to anyone – They are great!

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