Chad Valley Rally Challenge Review

As part of the Chad Valley Play Panel, we’ve been trying out lots of fun toys from Chad Valley at Argos. The latest toy that the boys have been enjoying is the Chad Valley Rally Challenge which is a remote control car racing track set, which comes with two cars.


The set comes in quite a compact box, but once put together it’s a large figure of eight shaped track. The layout size of the track is 1.5 x 0.5m, and in total the set includes 3.1metres of track.


It can be easily disassembled and put back safely in the box in between play times, and doesn’t take too long to put together each time.

The cars are controlled by remote control buttons which are wired into a box at the side of the track, and allow two players to race each other easily on the two lanes which go all the way around the track.


To change the speed and race your car, you just press down on the trigger on your controller so it’s very easy for kids to pick up, and they must remember to slow down a bit to tackle the corners!


My kids really liked the look of the cars and the amount of detail on them. When you first take them out of the box, you need to apply a few stickers to create this look on them, which they also enjoyed doing.


The bottom of the cars has a small metal contact which is how the car moves, as this must be in contact with the metal strip on the track – working in a very similar way to Scaletrix racing car sets.


We found the cars work very well, staying on the track well and they are very responsive to the controllers so the kids can happily race without any frustration or mishaps, and they can pick up quite a speed which the kids love!


This toy is great for my three boys aged 5, 7 and 8 who are the perfect ages for it. They were all really excited to get this set up, and had lots of fun with it – with lots more fun still to come I’m sure. It’s an ideal toy for them to play together, and with the rest of the family as we can take turns racing and enjoy the toy together.


This set is great value, with a current price of £19.99 at Argos, and you can even buy it in the two toys for £30 offer at the moment! We have had a few racing sets over the years, and the quality of this is just as good as some of the more expensive ones we’ve had so I am really impressed by the price that Chad Valley are offering it at, and would recommend it for family fun especially with children around the same ages as mine.

Click here to see the Rally Challenge set on the Argos site


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