London Activity Book

The London Activity Book illustrated by Esther Coombs is packed full of creative activities for kids, from colouring to drawing and designing. It also has lots of fun London facts, and puzzles for children to complete like mazes, and spotting things within a picture. There are postcards at the back of the book too, which you can colour and then send on.

The London Activity Book with London themed colouring, drawing prompts, puzzles and more. Download sample printables free in this blog post


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30 Days of Good Deeds for a Ramadan Jar

Ramadan is on it’s way and I have shared our Ramadan Jar craft over at Multicultural Kid Bloggers to launch our collaborative Ramadan series. A Ramadan jar is a simple Ramadan activity for kids that you can use to hold slips of paper and pick one out each day. One idea is for the slips of paper to contain a good deed to do for the day, another way to use them would be to write a short ayah or hadith on each paper as a reflection for the day, or you can use them to pick out a fun Ramadan craft or activity to do with the children that day.

Today I’m going to share a list of good deed ideas that you can print to cut out and fill up your Ramadan jar. The concept is pretty similar to a jar full of small acts of kindness, so if you are not Muslim and don’t celebrate Ramadan you could adjust this idea to fit your own family better.

30 days of Good Deeds for a Ramadan Jar

30 days of good deeds for kids. Acts of kindness and worship for Muslim children this Ramadan. Free printables to use with a Ramadan jar


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Colouring Books for Adults

You can’t have missed the grown up colouring book craze that’s been taking over lately. I love that colouring in has become so popular for all ages, and I definitely believe that it’s a great tool to help to unwind and relieve stress. I have quite a collection of adult colouring books and I’m always happy to find more to add to my pile. The One and Only colouring book series for adults has some really lovely designs, and I’ve found them to be some of the more varied books, providing lots of different illustration styles within each book.

Colouring books for adults, the one and only colouring book for adults series

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Peppa Pig: Let’s Go Shopping Peppa

Peppa Pig has a new book out, all about a trip to the Supermarket:

Peppa and her family need something to eat for lunch. It’s time for a trip to the supermarket! Mummy Pig is very keen on just getting the things on her shopping list, but when they get to the checkout, something else has appeared in the trolley… 

Let’s Go Shopping Peppa is a fun story featuring our favourite Pig family going through their shopping trip, along with some counting practice and a bit of humour included too.

Let's go shopping Peppa Pig bookWe’re kicking off a week-long blog tour to celebrate it’s release. I’ll be sharing tips for keeping kids entertained in the supermarket, and there’s also a chance for you to win a copy of the book for your own children, at the end of this post.

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Puffin Rock New Show Coming to Nickr Jr, and Puffin Rock Printables

Look out for Puffin Rock, a sweet new children’s show coming to Nick Jr. The show will premiere next week on Monday 18th May at 6.30pm, and it is a perfect bedtime wind down show for little ones.

Puffin Rock features a puffling called Oona (voiced by talented Irish dancing child star Kate McCafferty) and her baby brother Baba. We had the chance to preview the first episode and my boys and I all enjoyed it, and are looking forward to more.

Read on to find out more about the show, and look out for Puffin Rock themed crafts, printables and a special Puffin Rock giveaway coming up over the next few weeks.

Puffin Rock new show on Nick Jr

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Boredom Buster Kids Activity Printables

I have more super cute printables from tinyme to share with you today. These boredom buster activity sheets might come in handy for Screen free week next week, or for any time your little ones need something to keep them busy.

With colouring page, drawing prompts, counting, and odd one out pages these printables have a good variety of activities to banish boredom for a while.

boredom buster kids activity printables with drawing prompts, colouring sheets, find the odd one out, and counting activities

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Cinderella Inspired Grown Up Colouring Pages: Have Courage and Be Kind

I’ve been having a lot of fun with the grown up colouring trend lately. I always find it relaxing to take a few minutes out and do some colouring in. It’s a pretty low maintenance way to fit some creativity into your day and I really do feel like it helps wash away stress.

All of the grown up colouring books and sample pages that I’ve been sharing here have been pretty popular (check out the sample from Enchanted Forest I shared this week, if you missed that), so I decided to take the plunge and put together a few myself. I’m the first to admit – I am no artist, but I am quite pleased with how they came out.

The set I’m sharing today is Cinderella inspired, since I saw the new version of movie last weekend (look out for a review post up very soon!) and loved her motto of “have courage and be kind.” Quotes and positivity always make great colouring sheets if you ask me!

You can download all three in PDF format at the end of this post.

Have courage and be kind. Cinderella inspired grown up colouring pages, for adults to color. Great for stress relief and relaxing

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