Tips for an image makeover

Image makeover is one thing we all want in our lives, at least once. We all want to get into the skin of others and look like them or simply make some changes to look like never before. While this is not the most difficult thing to consider, it shouldn’t be seen as the easiest thing too. The reason behind it is that you’ll have to make efforts to ensure that you do not overdo things and make it difficult for yourself to look as good as you’ve always wanted to look. 

So, here are tips to consider before opting for an image makeover. 

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Our Best Short Hairstyles You Should Try

Our Best Short Hairstyles You Should Try

No matter the time of the year, you will find these short hairstyles  suitable for you. During the winter, short hairstyles are preferred because of their convenience.

You don’t have to bother about catching those long strands in your jacket zip, which is pretty frustrating. Again, during the summer, you remain cool and refreshed.

Fortunately, there are so many short haircuts to try that you will enjoy wearing throughout the year — however, this time you have to be different and rock different styles of short hairstyles.

You have to dodge your comfort zone of wearing the usual short haircuts. Here, we have compiled ultra-shiny, silky and smooth haircuts for you to try. From conventional crops to layered bobs, these short hairstyles will leave people fascinated with your style.

Whatever your style, try these 8 simple hacks to make your hairstyle look better

Image credit: Aleksandr Stebunov on Instagram

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Are your legs summer ready? 

I know, I know – Summer is a little way off yet. But when you’re a busy mum, you have to plan these things well in advance! Bumpy skin, missed hairs and shaving mishaps – we’ve all been there. And rushing to shave your legs usually means a few nicks and cuts along the way. Ouch! 

There are lots of arguments about the easiest way to remove hair, but not all of us have the time to book in at the salon and get our legs professionally waxed…So, with that in mind, we’ve come up with some super simple shaving tips that will give you amazing results, reduce the cuts to your skin and help you feel super confident when you’re out with the kids in the sunshine. 

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Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday with Boots Mini Club

Mickey Mouse is celebrating 90 years, it’s amazing to think that this loveable character has been around for nearly one whole century and is still just as popular as ever! Our family are big Disney fans, especially me and I’m really happy to see that my little daughter is following suit as well. She loves both Mickey and Minnie and always enjoys wearing clothes with them on.

Mini Club at Boots have launches a gorgeous new Mickey and Minnie range to celebrate Mickey’s 90th birthday, in sizes 0-24 months. There are some really cute outfits within this range and we were sent the Minnie Mouse dress and tights set for N, which is lovely quality and has got plenty of compliments out and about.

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The Best Catalogues for Family Fashion

Clothing catalogues have been in existence for many years. It is approximated that they have been present since the year 1872 and they have been growing ever since. Over the years more and more catalogues have become available. There is such a huge variety of catalogues available these days which means you can always find the best deal possible. Whether it be kitchen utensils or children’s clothes you can purchase them through a catalogue.

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Beautiful Dresses from Roco Clothing.. and Win with the Royal Wedding!

One of the things I love about having a daughter after having all boys is the chance to dress her up, especially when special occasions come around. Eid is just around the corner, as we celebrate the end of Ramadan, and it’s the perfect opportunity for my little princess to wear something a bit special.

I was really impressed with the range of beautiful dresses at Roco clothing, and it wasn’t easy to choose but I selected a gorgeous champagne colour dress for N (17 months) and some amazing sparkly shoes to go with it.

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Retro World Cup T-Shirts from Hype

With only a few days until the World Cup kicks off, naturally my boys are very excited. These days, they live for football and can mostly be found out kicking a ball around or busy putting together their fantasy football teams.

The boys were each sent one of the new retro style world cup t-shirts from Hype, and they are really happy with them. These are ideal t-shirts for football fanatic kids to wear casually, to make a change from wearing their full football kits!

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Personalised Baby Clothes from Teether

Teether is a new online baby boutique with a good variety of personalised and slogan clothes and pyjamas. We were sent a couple of bits to try out, and I picked out the personalised fantasy pyjamas with a Unicorn + Mermaid + Princess slogan

I love this design as I can’t resist all of the super girly and cute things (especially with having my first baby daughter after 3 boys!) so when I saw it, I instantly related to it as I have in fact been dressing her up in unicorn costumes and mermaid outfits, so the slogan is totally us!

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Elmer Clothing Range at Sainsburys

Sainsburys have recently launched a gorgeous new range of clothes for babies featuring the beloved, classic character Elmer. Elmer first appeared in baby wear in January 2017, in an incredibly popular range for Tu!

We really loved the first Sainsburys Tu Elmer range, so I was really happy to see new Elmer clothing released. He is such a lovely colourful character, and one that’s very popular with my kids so I love dressing N in Elmer clothing. She always gets so many compliments whenever she wears her Elmer clothes! I particularly love the dungarees outfit that we were sent, and I have bought the dress outfit for her in the next size up so I can’t wait to see her in that soon.

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