Tutti Rouge Lingerie Review…and why we love it

Motherhood is a beautiful journey. Once we find out that parenting life is in the horizon everything changes. And I mean EVERYTHING…especially our bodies. Of course we know and prepare ourselves mentally for all these changes but there is no amount of preparation to get us ready for it. It took me a long time to understand and accept my post baby body. I went trough many thoughts, diets and self deprecation to finally appreciate this perfect machine that my body really is. After 3 years of breastfeeding and solely dedicating myself to my daughter I have to admit I did not feel like myself when I looked at the mirror. Very few of my pre baby clothes fitted my new post baby body. And after fighting and resisting I decided to appreciate it and love it just as it is. It was not easy but I found a new type of sexy that I have never experienced before.

What worked for me and helped to regain my confidence was taking selfies. I would force myself to put some make up on, do something nice with my hair and wear something a bit more provocative. Trust me this was a long process. You need to commit to it and eventually you will get that perfect shot where your face and your body will look incredible. It will not always work. You will delete hundreds of pictures out of the hundreds you took. Do not be disheartened. It worked for me and I am sure it will work for you too. When you see that perfect shot of the perfect you all will make sense and slowly your confidence will come back. Ypu will look at that picture and see yourself again and eventually you will love the new you.

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Femme Luxe – Loungewear collections

You have probably seen a previous post we made about the gorgeous pieces we were gifted by Femme Luxe a few months ago, where we tried out some of the lovely t-shirts from Femme Luxe. Now we are going to share with you some of their amazing lounge wear collection. Anna and I had such a great time shooting these pictures and we will break it all down for you in this post. If we are all going to be spending so much time indoors lets try and make it as comfortable and pleasant as possible right?

Let me start by saying I am obsessed with comfy clothing. So much so I am always buying clothes that are sometimes 1 or 2 sizes bigger than my actual size just to make sure they fit nicely but mostly they feel comfortable. As a stay at home mum I am constantly moving around the house chasing my very active daughter, so comfy and resilient attire is a not vanity… it is a necessity and I am sure all the mums reading this will agree. Now combine these qualities with an outfit that is actually cute and will make you look like the coolest mum on the block! Femme Luxe just did that.

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The Beauty of Green Gemstones

If you’re naturally drawn to green, there are many beautiful gemstone options for you to choose from. From the deep jungle-green of emerald to the citrus hues of peridot, there is a perfectly-toned gemstone to match everyone’s skin tone, hair colour, and wardrobe colour palette. 

As well as looking gorgeous, green gemstones are full of magical and symbolic meanings. Gemstones that are rich green in colour are said to represent nature, renewal and new life. Emerald, for example, is the birthstone for May which is perfectly fitting for such a fresh green stone, evocative of spring and summer time. Birthstone rings are timeless and a good-quality gemstone ring can be even passed onto your children someday. Gemstones represent your birthday tribe and each birthstone has a myth associated with it. Gemstones can be a perfect gift for your dear ones. Stackable birthstone rings, for example, can be a perfect birthday gift.

In addition to this, green gemstones are believed to represent balance and harmony and they’re thought to be exceptional mood balancers. Some even believe that they strengthen the connection between the mind and the heart and help you to better express your emotions. Others associate green gemstones with great wealth, believing that wearing a green gemstone is sure to improve your finances. 

Whether you believe in the symbolic meaning of green gemstones or not, we can all agree that they’re truly stunning to look at. If you’ve fallen in love with green gemstones and are planning a new addition to your jewellery box, read on to find out more about some of the most beautiful types of green gemstones. 


The emerald is undoubtedly the queen of green gemstones, and probably the one you’re most familiar with. The emerald is a variety of the mineral beryl, and it is formed when beryl contains the impurities chromium and vanadium. Emeralds can be found all around the world, but there are certain locations in which truly spectacular emeralds are located, such as Columbia and Brazil.

Over the centuries, emerald jewellery has been much loved and highly coveted. From the ancient Incas to the Hollywood actresses of the 20th century, no one has been able to get enough of this stunning green stone. Today, vintage emerald rings, necklaces, and bracelets are very popular, and this bright and bold gemstone can smoothly be incorporated into modern outfits. 

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Femme Luxe Clothing Review

Christmas is a few days away and if you like me leave it for last minute and are still shopping for gifts, or if you just need to update your own wardrobe with some new fashion items then you should definitely consider checking out the Femme Luxe website for some unique and super stylish pieces, which you can order online. We recently received some lovely gifts from the Femme Luxe Blogger programme, including t-shirts and loungewear and I will show you some of them here in this blog post.

The Femme Luxe website is gorgeous and very user friendly, and also easy to navigate. They have a great range of products available that range from loungewear to party dresses to shoes, accessories and more – and all at very reasonable prices. I received two beautiful T-Shirts which you can see here in the pictures above and below, and also a loungewear set.

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Jolie Beauty Bomb Dot Com Glitter Palette

If you like vibrant and colourful make up, then Jolie Beauty is a great brand to explore – particularly their eye shadow palettes. Jolie Beauty are a brand featuring make up products and make up brushes that are designed and created by make up artists. They also have a strong stance on being cruelty free, and vegan friendly, so you can enjoy their products with peace of mind.

Jolie Beauty sent us one of their popular glitter eyeshadow palettes to try out, which is the Jolie Beauty Bomb Dot Com Glitter Palette.

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Thinking About Inheritance: 3 Factors to Consider Before Expanding Your Watch Collection

People buy watches usually for one of two reasons (or both). The first is they simply need a convenient way to tell the time. While the second, is often because they want an accessory that will not look good and speak volumes but also act as a wise investment piece that can one day be inherited by their children. 

If you fall into the latter category this post is for you. When it comes to buying a luxury watch that you someday want your child to inherit from you, there are a few things to bear in mind, to help protect your investment and ensure you end up with a watch that suits you.

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Antique Jewellery Style Guide

Whether you are putting together an outfit for a special occasion, or creating a professional day to day look for work at the office, adding a piece of antique jewellery can give you a really unique vibe to make your style extra unique.

In order to be classified as an antique, each piece of jewellery must be at least one hundred years old. So this means that to find the perfect antique, you would need to be looking for pieces of jewellery from the 1920s, or earlier eras such as the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian or Art Nouveau eras. Other jewellery which is not quite this old can be classed as vintage jewellery, rather than being antique jewellery.

Since antique jewellery has so much history, it’s amazing to think of all the stories each item could have and the lives that these items could have touched.

You can find a wide variety of antique jewellery on the CarusJewellery.com website, to add the perfect finishing touches to your outfit.

Antique Rings

Wearing an antique ring is a great way to add a historic feel to your outfit in a subtle and meaningful way. You can find many beautiful and unique antique rings with all kinds of gem stones, from amethyst to sapphire, garnet, pearl, diamond and more.

If you want a statement piece, you could go for something big and bold like this 15ct Gold Amethyst and seed pearl ring, from the Carus Jewellery website.

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How Can You Tell if A Ruby is Real?

Is my ruby real? Throughout history, there have always been impressive imitations of all things valuable, and gemstones are no exception. When inheriting jewellery and sometimes when receiving it as a gift, it’s understandable that some people will want the confirmation that what they have is the real deal, and not some cheap trick. So, how can you tell that your ruby is real?

Check this out.

First things first, consider the properties of a ruby. Rubies – as you hopefully know – are red. Not only are they red, sometimes they touch on being a purple colour, and other times they are a popping pink colour. They are also incredibly strong and durable. If you press your nail into your ruby and see that it is in any way affected by this, you unfortunately don’t have a real ruby on your hands. So, what other signs should you look for?

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The Dark Yet Touching Meaning Behind Mourning Jewellery

Everyone processes loss in their own way, and for many, commemorating or immortalising their loved one’s memory is a big part of this. For the Victorians, mourning was a prominent element of life, and a pragmatic approach to death came with the with low life expectancies at this time. However, Victorian jewellers found a macabre yet beautiful way of celebrating the lives of people who had passed—mourning jewellery. 

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