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My boys have always enjoyed building with Lego but recently they have become even more keen on it, building new sets often and seeming to always have their Lego bricks out with some works in progress. I came across a new site called Build Ur Bricks, and had the opportunity to review.

Build Ur Bricks is an online Lego® Rental website that was created to offer Lego® enthusiasts the best rental experience in the UK. Using the service, you can rent Lego®  sets with monthly plans starting from £9.99, with over 150 sets in our range to choose from.

The service works by adding a few of your favourite options to your list on the site, and then you will be sent one of the sets from your list. We got the Batman and Riddler chase set which my boys all loved building together, and then playing with.

Build Ur Bricks Lego subscription service

The set comes un-boxed into several different ziplock bags, along with the instruction booklets. The sets will either be new, or will be throughly cleaned in between each rental, and checked to make sure all pieces are in place.

Build Ur Bricks Lego subscription serviceThis rental format is great for children who really enjoy the process of building the sets and following instructions. I always feel as though there are two main ways of playing with Lego – those who want to mix everything together and come up with their own original ideas, and those who want to follow the instructions and enjoy the technical process of putting together the models. If your child is one of the latter group, and has an insatiable appetite for putting together the sets then this will be a great idea for you.

Build Ur Bricks Lego subscription serviceYou can choose your subscription programme based on the types of set you want to go for – basic easier sets, all the way up to advanced pro sets with sets of up to £120 value available. That’s a great way to get access to some of these more expensive sets if your families Lego habit is starting to make too big a dent in the family budget! Postage is free both ways, all you have to do is send the set back once you’ve finished using the postage paid package included within your parcel.

Having a subscription for the smaller sets would also make a really exciting parcel to look forward to each month as the kids get to try out and build the new sets.

Build Ur Bricks Lego subscription service

Visit the Build Ur Bricks site to try out a free trial, available until 16th August. 

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3 thoughts on “Build Ur Bricks Review”

  1. I mentioned this to my son who is nearly 7. At first he said that’s a great idea. Then I asked him if he liked one set would he want to keep it/would he feel sad if he had to give it back. He said yes so he’d just get me to buy everything. Savvy kid – sill dad. I think your observation is good. If your kid is a throw it in a bucket and be creative it might not be ideal. But an extension of that is if they are a builder and keep it like a trophy on the shelf, then it also might not work. The kids who’ll really benefit from this are the ones who want to build and build and build.

  2. Thanks for the comments Ian & Mary.

    @Ian: I am sure your son would be happy to see another set arriving at the door in few days time and will start enjoying the Build.
    @Mary: Thanks so much. I guess some point has come now.
    You can register, try our service. If its not for you or you are not happy with the service, you can cancel anytime. No strings attached.

    All the best.


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