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BRIO wooden toys are so beautifully made, and lovely to play with. N was sent the BRIO Racing Car to review, which is recommended for age 12 months and upwards, so is an ideal toy for younger toddlers.

The BRIO racing car is very traditional, with no batteries required and a minimalist design that makes it stylish as well as fun. All of BRIO’s wooden toys are made with responsibly managed and FSC certified wood, and you can tell they have been lovingly designed and made.

The quality is lovely, with the wood of the race car feeling smooth and glossy. As well as the natural wood coloured race car with N has been playing with, this BRIO car is also available in three bright colours – red, green and blue. All with the matching yellow driver.

The race car is a medium sized vehicle, much bigger than match box cars so it is chunky for toddlers to play with, but still small enough that it doesn’t take up a lot of space on your shelf or in the toy box.

It glides nicely along the floor when pushed, even on carpet, and is great simple fun for little ones. Toy cars have to be one of the most classic toys around. They are instantly recognisable and tempting to little ones, who can’t resist brum-bruming them along the floor and as the BRIO race car is such lovely quality I’m sure it will last for many years.

The BRIO race cars are available for 7.99 each on the Brio website

They also have many other lovely wooden toys for toddlers and young children, so the website is definitely worth a browse!

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