Brio Horse Stable and Jumping Pack Review

Brio toys have been a favourite in our home over the years, particularly the wooden train set ranges. I was really interested to try out the Brio Horses Stable and the Brio Horses Jumping Pack as they are something a bit different from all of the railway sets we have (but also still compatible with the wooden railway!) and I’m really impressed with these items.


The Brio horses stable pack comes with two horses, two people, a wheelbarrow with hay bale, and a connecting piece for train track to join up to the stables.


The horses stable has three different sections inside, with upstairs area, downstairs area and a special area for the horses to sleep. The stable is hinged, so when not in use, you can close up the horse stable into a more compact closed building to store.


The Brio horses jumping pack comes with three horses, five people, and everything you need to hold a horse jumping competition – seats for spectators, barriers, and obstacles for the horses to jump over. You also get a horse trailer to transport the horses, and there are coats for the horses to wear when not saddled up.

IMG_4123This set compliments the stable really nicely, and R loves the competitive element of playing horse jumping and seeing who will win!

IMG_4120Both sets are great for imaginary play, and we loved all of the little details that are included – particularly the names included on the horses, and the figures that come with the sets are great.


I have seen some of these figures in some of the more recent Brio train sets too and I think they add a really good touch for more imaginary play potential, offering more opportunities for story telling and role play with the Brio toys.


You can put the people onto the horses easily, mounting them from the side, and it is easy enough for little hands to manage.


My 5 year old boy, R, has been playing with these sets but I think it’s a toy that would appeal really well to either boys or girls. The sets are recommended from age 3+ which I would say is about right. As they are Brio, they are of course very well made and great quality and should last really well to be able to be passed down to younger siblings too, which makes them better value. These sets would also make a lovely gift.


We were sent these toys in order to review

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