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brio_farm_railway_setQuite a while back, well over a year ago, we had some of the Brio Farm Railway products to review through Izziwizzi Kids. As I wasn’t even blogging back in those days, I never posted it but now as The Toadstool is doing some #Toadtest Brio parties I thought I would share these reviews with you all.

Please forgive me for the poor quality and small size videos, as I mentioned I wasn’t blogging then – I have learned how to do it properly now! But you can still see the toys and see the boys’ enthusiasm:

It was July 2012 that we got these toys, and they have been played with pretty much every single day ever since! The boys normally like to make a track up each morning and play with their trains, even before school as they get up quite early. The boy you can see in the video is Mr Z who was 3 at the time and is now 5 (can’t believe how little he looks there – aww!) He has only recently started to move away from the trains a little bit. He does still play with them, but not quite as much as before. But as Mr R has turned 2, he has taken his place as the #1 train fan in the house, along with Mr T! It’s great that these toys really last well so that they can be really well used by one child and as they grow out of it, they last well enough to be used by the next child and then the next child! With 3 boys aged 5 and under the tracks have been bashed around a fair bit but they are pretty indestructible and still going strong.

Wooden trains and tracks are probably the most used and most loved toy in our house. I find Brio great as a brand due to their very good quality and the more exciting items they have in their range, as there is quite a good variety with the track add-ons and sets that you can get.

I would definitely recommend these sets (or any of the Brio wooden railway products!). I will be quite sad when the boys do eventually grow out of their wooden railways as its been such a well used toy and featured so heavily in their play, so I might even have to keep it for the future grandkids!!!

There are some discounts and special offers on Brio over at The Toadstool at the moment, in conjunction with their Brio ToadTest party so if you are tempted to buy some, do go and have a look over there 🙂

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