Battroborg is a new range of motion controlled battling robots, made by Tomy. They are very cool and Mr Z was lucky enough to be sent a set to review.

battroborgsetThe Battroborg Arena sets come with one Arena, 2 Battroborg robots and 2 sets of controllers, 4 training drones, stickers to decorate, and instructions.

Mr Z’s set is Clubber Vs Scaldor, which is a green and a red robot. There are other varieties of the robots if you wish to expand your collection further or to have more robots battling in the arena at once!

The battle arena is pretty easy to set up, you just attach the rope pieces to the side. The battle robots need to be charged for 20 minutes before use, and then they have power to fight for 20 minutes. Charging is really easy, you just plug each robot into one of the wireless controllers. (The controllers take 4x AA batteries each)

When playing with the robots, you hold your wireless controller and simply punch with the left or right to control and move your robot and it follows what you do. It was easy enough for Mr Z age 5 to grasp the concept quickly and easily and he really enjoyed it. To win, you need to keep getting hits to your opponent robot which will make their lights chance colour. Once they lose 5 lives, they are out and your robot will be the winner! Of course they will be trying to beat you at the same time!

We found Battroborg great. It’s a lot of fun for Mr Z. Now he is 5.5 years old and in Year 1 he wants to play with older and cooler toys than what his younger brothers are playing with and Battroborg is perfect for him. It’s something that can really appeal to all ages from 5 and half -6 upwards, I heard Mr Z’s dad playing Battroborg with him yesterday and seemed to be enjoying it as much as Mr Z was! 😀


You do need to keep it away from younger siblings. The robots are quite delicate and intricate and I don’t think it would stand up well to being handled by prschoolers. The suggested age range of 6+ is pretty accurate and is there for a reason. When playing, you also need to make sure you don’t accidentally touch the face of the robots or they will loose a life as that’s how they register hits! So if you need to move the robot, you have to pick it up by its flag. Mr Z learned this after a couple of times accidentally losing lives!

Our verdict is that Battroborg is very cool, and very fun! I would recommend it.

The Arena packs are £69.99 and individual extra robots are £29.99, so not cheap but it is a very advanced toy! It would be a great Christmas present.

Battroborg will be at selected Entertainer stores this month. You can go along for the chance to see and try out this amazing toy and take part in their “Beat the Boxer” competition where there is the chance to get a limited edition Golden Battroborg!

The Entertainer Birmingham – Unit MSU10A, Lower Mall Bullring, Birmingham, B5 4BE – Saturday 16th November

The Entertainer Kent Blue Water – EVU06, Bluewater Shopping Centre, Greenhithe, DA9 9ST Saturday 23rd November

The Entertainer Whiteley Unit B8, Whiteley Shopping Centre, Whiteley Way, Whiteley, Fareham, PO15 7LJ Saturday 30th November

Also follow the new UK Twitter page @BattroborgUK for lots of videos and competitions!

To see the Battroborgs in action have a look at this video:

If you want the chance to win one of these Arena Sets, go over to ET Speaks from Home blog as my friend Eileen is holding a great competition to win this! Enter here

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