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Barny sponge bears are a delicious treat for children. My boys have tried them before and love them, and recently we had the chance to take Barny on another “little adventure” again.

barny1Barny comes in a variety of flavours including chocolate and strawberry. (The others are apple or milk)

Barny is a curious bear who loves to encourage children to explore, whether that be in the garden, park or any outing. The bears are perfect for a picnic and we have often taken Barny bears on our picnics or excursions, some more successful than others. You can read here about one of our Barny adventures which was rained off by a flood!

barneyRecently Mr T had a very special picnic to attend – the teddy bear’s picnic at his new school! This year he will be moving up from his montessori nursery where he has spent the last two years, and starting reception at Mr Z’s school. The school always do a teddy bear’s picnic to help the children get to know their new teacher and classroom

barnymrtHere he is in the assembly hall of his new school, with his teddy (made on a fun day out at Build a Bear) and of course Barny is the perfect bear to come along in the pack lunch box!

Mr T had a fun time and is excited to start his new school – one of the biggest little adventures he has had so far!

barnymrt2Here he is graduating from his nursery!

Of course the other children didn’t want to miss out on a picnic with Barny, so we had an extra little picnic in the garden for all the boys together

barny3They love the friendly teddy bear shape, and the taste too! Chocolate is Mr Z’s favourite and Mr T prefers strawberry. I have tried them myself and I also like strawberry best although they are all a very tasty treat.

barny2You get 5 individually wrapped bears in each packet. Barny contains no artificial colours or preservatives and is carefully baked with ingredients including wheat flour, milk, eggs and sugar. 


Have you tried Barny? What do you think of them? Are any of your children starting new schools in September too?

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