A Baby Super Hero?

What makes a super hero? Every baby is a baby super hero!
baby super heroI think all babies and toddlers are mini super heroes, when you think how much they learn and achieve in their first few years:

  • Feats of strength – learning to lift up their head, to sit, to crawl, stand, walk and then run!
  • Unbeatable determination – the will to keep trying, no matter how many times they fall down, they will keep going and keep trying until one day they finally master their aim! Whether that is walking at 9 months like some of the super speedy babies, 20 months like Mr T, or even later – a babies determination is hard to beat!
  • Super power brains that literally double in size in their first year!
  • Super speedy learning – at a much faster rate than any other time of life!

Of course there are the other “super powers” which don’t always come in quite so handy

  • Super climbing – The ability to climb the furniture, highest climbing frame, the stairs or out of the cot at the speed of light as soon as the parent’s backs are turned!
  • Super screaming – How can someone so small make so much noise!
  • Super non sleeping – Babies and toddlers must have the endless energy super power. After completing all these super feats all day, they just keep going and going meanwhile we parents are downing coffee after coffee to keep up with them!

super baby - baby super heroNo wonder, when they have so many super missions to be getting on with, that some of our little heroes don’t like being strapped in their car seats. Being restrained and kept still while travelling can be challenging and frustrating for some little ones. To help with this problem Kids Embrace have created some new Character car seats which will hopefully help kids to settle down and enjoy their journey.

How about this for a carseat fit for a super hero…

Nana nana nana nana nana nana nana nanaBatman!

batmancarseatSuitable from a minimum of 9 months, up to 12 years this stage 1-2-3 car seat will be ideal for any little caped crusader. Available to buy in Toys R Us, Smyths or Halfords.

Disclaimer: This post is part of a competition to win one of these car seats for my own child and I have been rewarded with a Batman themed gift for taking part. The super baby photos are of Mr R and are copyright to me.

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  1. Love the car seat…hope my grandchildren don’t see it or it’ll be “Granny can you get me that, its great” lol 😀


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