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A few months ago, my toddler N started to go through a phase where she didn’t enjoy baths. This really didn’t make the bed time routine relaxing, as every night rather than happily running up the stairs to the bathroom like she had always used to do, she would be crying and protesting about getting in the bath. Then, once I finally persuaded her to get in, I would have to wash her as quickly as possible because she would be desperate to get out pretty quickly too.

I wondered if some new bath time toys would help the situation, and luckily we were sent a BABY born Surprise Bathtub doll which I was sure would be perfect for our bath time issues.

N really loved the BABY born Surprise Bathtub doll straight away, and I’m happy to say that now after introducing the doll a few weeks ago, she is back to running up to the bath happily each evening and spending ages splashing away playing so for us it worked out great!

However, before you even put the BABY born Surprise Bathtub doll into your bath, there are a few surprises to reveal and fun to be had playing with Baby born in her own little dolly bath tub.

There are over 20 surprises included with the BABY born Surprise Bathtub set, but our favourite was definitely revealing the eye colour.

This BABY born comes with her eyes closed, and by gently wiping them with a wet cloth your child can slowly reveal the hidden eye colour underneath.

N really enjoyed doing this, and we discovered that our doll has blue eyes.

Along with the BABY Born doll, wrapped in a turquoise hooded towel, and the pink bathtub, the set comes along with clothes and accessories including a t-shirt, nappy and baby bottle. The t-shirt is hidden inside a little paper duck, and is revealed when you dissolve the duck in water. The nappy also has hidden charms inside to go on to a little bracelet.

Once all the surprises had been revealed, N had lots of fun washing her BABY Born in her little bath tub, and then getting her all cosy and dry wrapped up in the towel. This would be fun outside in the summer too, so she can splash as much as possible!

Like most toddlers, N loves this type of role play and it’s great to have everything included in this set to act out the whole bathing scenario. I’m sure this role playing helped get her more on board with enjoying bath time herself.

As well as playing with the Baby Born bath tub, the Baby Born doll can also go in your child’s own bath – either with or without the Baby Born tub. We’ve had Baby Born in with N most nights these days, and she really enjoys washing her baby as well as herself and making her swim around in the water.

We would definitely recommend this toy for anyone looking to make bath time more exciting for toddlers, to upgrade their bath toys now that they are getting a bit older, or to help with a child who is going through a phase of being not keen on bathtime. It would also be a great option for children who love surprise toys as you have so many to reveal when you first open the toy, and then can continue playing with for a long time after.

Baby Born Bathtub Surprise is available from retailers including Amazon for a current price of 24.99

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