Are you Stuck in the Technology Trap, or Digital Detoxers?

How many devices do you take away with you on a family holiday? The average family takes six. I can definitely see that, especially with older kids or teenagers.

I would feel lost travelling without my iPhone (especially needed for camera and maps on the go) but can happily leave iPads and other devices at home, and I refuse to take my laptop away while travelling since I want to feel a complete break from work.

Technology on holiday

The kids love to play games on their tablet or DS and sometimes we take these on holiday – sometimes not. When we do take them I limit them to times like when they are waiting for other family members to get ready to go out, or when they’ve had a really busy time and need to unwind for a little while.

I don’t want them to waste a lot of their holiday playing games when they could have just as easily done that at home, but I know that for a few minutes here and there it can be a useful tool.

What’s your stance on technology on holiday? Take the quiz by clicking within the infographic below to see how you get on. You can share your results via Facebook or Twitter to see how your friends compare.

Here are my results:

“You’re digital detoxers”

If we were to choose one family to survive on a desert island with no WiFi, Kindle or Apple Store – it’d be you! It’s clear you can tackle the emotional rollercoaster of daily life without grabbing the nearest device, but don’t forget technology can be handy when searching for local places or checking reviews while away.

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