Alphabet Crafts for Kids: Letter A

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Making letter crafts is a great way to familiarise kids with the letters of the alphabet one by one. If you’re following a letter of the week approach, then I hope these ideas will be useful to fit in within your various letter activities of the week – or if you’re taking a less planned route to covering the letters with your little ones, you could just pick any letter that they have a liking for, or even choose the letters that spell out their name.

I came across the Preschool Activities account on Instagram, that has a great collection of letter activities that they’ve done with their preschool class and they kindly allowed me to share them with you, so we’ll start with the letter A.

All of these letter A crafts focus on the upper case letter A.

A is for Apple Tree

Stamp with pieces of apple and red paint to make this Letter A shaped apple tree craft.


A is for Alligator

Make this craft with the A upright to emphasise the letter shape, or if your child is more familiar with the shape and you want to make it look more recognisable as an alligator then turn the A on it’s side.

All you need to make the alligator is a few sharp teeth and a pair of eyes.



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