ADVENT GIVEAWAYS DAY 24: Florabunda Style

It’s the last day of this years Advent giveaways feature! We’ve offering In The Playroom readers the chance to win lots of gifts and prizes to brighten up your Winter, and we’re ending with the fab Florabunda style book which is perfect for anyone who’s into zentangle, doodling or the grown up colouring craze

I reviewed this book earlier in the year, and you can download a few sample pages from the review post here


FloraBunda Style is a handy workbook that will enable you to practise the relaxing FloraBunda drawing method. With over 200 beautiful FloraBunda illustrations to choose from including flowers, vines, leaves, plants and other organic figures, you can begin drawing right away! Whether you are a budding artist or a drawing novice, you ll enjoy expressing yourself with classic FloraBunda line art. The designs are printed on high-quality artist paper, encouraging you to add your own personal touch using felt-tips, colouring pencils, crayons or other media. Based entirely on simple, nature-inspired doodles, FloraBunda Style is the perfect book to help you relax, unwind and de-stress. Let your creativity flow as you magically transform your inky doodles into exotic, vibrant art.

Read more about the book, and buy on Amazon


For your chance to win, enter via the Gleam widget below

Florabunda Style

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more prizes, and check out our Christmas 2015 gift guide to see more of the products that will be appearing throughout this years Advent giveaways feature.




Good luck. Wishing all of you a happy festive season!

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  1. At the moment I have no plans because I’ve been unwell and I don’t know if I’ll be up to doing anything, so it might just me an early night in bed!

  2. I made my new year’s resolution in September – it feels like the start of the year because of everything starting up after the summer, and I find it’s a lot easier to stick to things when I don’t try to start them in a post-Christmas slump! So I shall just be trying to keep going with it (get healthier, basically).

  3. Me and the kids are staying over at my parents for New Years Eve and Day. The kids will never last until midnight and if my and my parents do, it will be cocoa and pjs! I feel shattered now and don’t feel up to much partying!

  4. Fantastic giveaway, thank you. I am going to look after my Grandchildren so their parents can go out. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas

  5. To not waste my time worrying about issues I cannot address, rather focus my time and energy on those I can. Easier said than done given my personality….a born worrier!

  6. Our plans for New Year were unfortunately cancelled due to illness,it was therefore very quiet but it was actually really nice not having to get dressed up and go out when it was cold and dark x

  7. this was the first xmas i didnt get a loan to pay for it so this year i am even more determined to buy throughout the year so next xmas can be even better but equally not cost the earth

  8. To get shut of clutter, if that includes getting shut of the partner because its mainly his stuff then its bye bye, good job I have a sense of humour


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