ADVENT GIVEAWAYS DAY 19: Wilko Blox Dinosaurs

We’re almost coming to the end of this years Advent giveaways feature, but we will have time for a few more great prizes!

Today we’re offering In The Playroom readers the chance to win this Blox T-Rex large construction set from Wilko.

Children can be the toughest critics, especially when it comes to Christmas presents. From stocking fillers to enjoy on the day, to fun costumes and playsets to use all year long, Wilko has children’s gift buying all wrapped up this year.



Bravely explore the Prehistoric world with the 365 piece Blox dino quest! The set includes everything you need to build the dino, jeep and explorer figures… just make sure you stay safe and avoid the ferocious T-Rex!

With Blox, see what else you can build – you don’t just have to follow the instructions, set your imagination free to see what else you can create! Blox construction kits have been designed to work together with the leading brand.


Read more about the toy, and buy from Wilko


For your chance to win, enter via the Gleam widget below

Wilko Blox

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more prizes, and check out our Christmas 2015 gift guide to see more of the products that will be appearing throughout this years Advent giveaways feature.




Good luck. Wishing all of you a happy festive season!

118 thoughts on “ADVENT GIVEAWAYS DAY 19: Wilko Blox Dinosaurs”

  1. I would want to be a Megalodon shark, no predators and they had the ability to replace their own teeth, so no need to go to the dentist

  2. The Gigantosaurus, it would have totally owned T.Rex, or the Drinker, (Yes it’s a dinosaur named after Edward Drinker Cope.)

  3. I have always been fascinated by Pterodactyls because they’re different to all the other dinosaurs, being creatures of flight!


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