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The boys have enjoyed Abney and Teal since it first came out. For those who are not familiar with it, its a lovely calm programme for preschoolers about two rag dolls who live in the park on an island in the middle of the lake, along with some of their friends. Since the show started, the toy range has been eagerly awaited, and there is now a good selection of Abney and Teal toys available. We were really pleased to be sent a couple of toys to review.

Neep is one of the boys favourite characters in Abney and Teal. He is so cute and quirky and they love hearing him say Neep, Neeeep!! The talking Neep toy went down really well with them.

talking neep abney and teal toysIt is really soft, so it is lovely to cuddle and snuggle, and when you squeeze him he makes a variety of Neepish noises! It is a medium size at 24.8 x 17.2 x 11.2 cm

neep abney and teal toysThis is popular with all the boys so seems to be a toy that appeals well over the full 0-5 age range and won’t be grown out of too quickly. The sounds are very easy to activate and you don’t need to be very exact with whereabouts your squeeze, so Mr R is able to do it easily at just turned 2. He loves to press it and giggle at Neep’s sounds.

neepAs you can see, Neep is making himself at home among the other cuddly toys! I can see him being well loved for quite a few more years.

Next we tried Abney and Teal 4 in 1 Puzzles box:

abney and teal toys puzzleThere are 4 puzzles of 12, 16, 20 and 24 pieces each with a different scene from Abney and Teal. Each puzzle has a different coloured border around the edges to make it easy to recognise which puzzle is which and it also helps little ones recognise the edges when making the puzzles.

The colours in the Abney and Teal scenes are a little more muted than on some toddler programmes, so the puzzles may be a little challenging for those at the younger end of the age range to complete alone, but Mr R was fine with help and really enjoyed doing the puzzles together. His favourite characters of Abney, Teal and Neep are in every puzzle so he loved to point them out as the picture was coming together.

abneytealpuzzlesThe illustration style of Abney and Teal is really charming and seems to be something which can appeal to both adults and children.This box of puzzles also comes with a free poster included, which would look lovely on a bedroom or playroom wall because the illustrations are so lovely. Again, Mr R is really enjoying spotting his favourite characters on the poster.

Either of these would make a lovely gift. They are both very well made and good quality and have kept the boys happy and entertained!

You can see more of the Abney and Teal range here at the RainbowDesigns website.

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