AAC Awareness

Today I have a couple of videos to share as part of the Now Here Me campaign, set up by NHS Scotland to raise awareness and understanding of people using augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).

AAC awareness. Find out more about Augmentative and Alternative communication

These videos explain very well in the AAC users own words, so are definitely worth a couple of minutes to watch.

The aim here is to raise awareness of AAC and also that people get on with their lives and all they ask of others is – sometimes – just a little bit of patience when talking to them or dealing with them.

You can find out more about the Now Hear Me campaign by visiting their website at nowhearme.co.uk

I also follow a really great page on Facebook that I think does a fantastic job of raising awareness of AAC, normalising this type of communication and emphasising how important it is that young children who could benefit from AAC be given access to it and allowed to reach their full potential. The page is called Uncommon Sense and you can check it out here.

There are many reasons why someone could be using AAC, and I won’t claim to have knowledge or experience with all of them.

Some non verbal Autistic people communicate via using AAC and you can find out a little more about Autism here. Some people with very severe speech disorders also use AAC. You can find out a little more out Verbal Dyspraxia here. One of my boys has both of these diagnoses and does not need to use AAC, as he is verbal now but I know of other families with the same diagnoses who find using AAC a really valuable tool, and I think it’s a great thing that this technology is available.

Please do share to spread the word on AAC awareness and help people’s understanding.

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