A Messy Screening of Beauty & The Beast with Persil

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Like many Disney fans, I’d been eagerly awaiting the new live action Beauty & the Beast movie for months! So I was really excited to be invited along with the kids to a special screening of the movie with Persil on it’s opening weekend.

Beauty and the Beast is a story all about a beautiful transformations – just like you get when you wash with Persil! So Persil have got together with Disney to offer £5 Disney Store vouchers with every promotional pack, which is a really good offer. There’s no minimum spend with the voucher and you can choose whether to get them for in store or as on online e code.

To celebrate the new movie and this special offer, Persil invited us to “be their guest” and set up a beautiful banquet for the kids before watching the movie, complete with roses and candelabras just like Lumiere.

The kids then got to have fun with some messy cup cake decorating after their lunch, before it was time to watch the movie.

The movie was a hit with all of us (Z age 8, T age 7, and me – and baby N as well!). I didn’t bring R (5) as it was recommended for age 7+, although I think younger children would manage with the movie depending on their personalities and how easily upset they are, as there are a few scenes that could be scary for some younger children.

For example, in the new live action version, Gaston leaves Maurice to die and be eaten by wolves (although obviously he survives) but this is a bit more scary than the cartoon version, and there’s also a part which sees Belle going back to Paris to fill in the back story about her mum, and it shows her mum had died in the plague which could be upsetting for little ones too but slightly older kids would be absolutely fine. My 7 year old wasn’t scared in any of it.

Emma Watson made a fantastic Belle, and really suited the character. The kids and I are all fans of hers from the Harry Potter movies, so we were all looking forward to seeing her in this new role and were not disappointed! Emma Thompson also did a great job as Mrs Potts, and brought a lot of personality to that role too.

Beauty and the Beast is such a classic fairy tale, and the magic has been captured beautifully in the new Disney live action movie. I’d definitely recommend going to see it, either with the kids or without! And look out for the special packs of Persil too as that’s definitely an offer worth getting and you can treat yourself to some Beauty and the Beast merchandise. I’ll probably spend mine on a baby costume for baby N as Disney Store have some really cute ones!

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  1. Amazing Writeup @intheplayroom! I have seen both of the versions of beauty and the beast, and I must say each version is a masterpiece on its own. One thing I really liked about these types of animated movies is that both adults, as well as children, can be entertained with its charm and wit. Now, I want to watch this again.


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