8 Tricks to Get Your Kids to Drink More Water

Being sure to get enough water is an important aspect of maintaining good health. As an adult, you likely know just how hard it can be to make sure you drink enough water yourself.

Getting kids to drink water is all the more challenging, but an important habit to build from early on. Luckily, there are a few tricks to help get your kids to pick water over juice every time.

1. Choose the Right Water Bottle

It’s likely your child already has their designated favorites in your kitchen. Be it their favorite plate with a superhero on it or a cup with a cool design, dishes for kids have bright designs for a reason: kids use them more.

Picking out a water bottle for your child with a striking design is an easy way to entice them into using it all the more often.

2. Carry Water Everywhere

An important part of creating good habits for your kids is setting them up for success. If your child is used to grabbing a soda or other sweet drink when you’re out and about, they’re already missing out on some vital hydration and habit building.

Carrying their water bottle with you wherever you go will help them better acclimate to drinking water. This is especially important during the early stages when they are not used to regularly drinking water.

3. Set a Good Example

Unfortunately, “do as I say, not as I do” does not often work with children. Children are built to mimic those around them, especially during vital developmental stages.

Whether on purpose or not, children love to pay homage to their parents by copying their behavior. If you’re known for carrying your water bottle around the house at all times, it’s likely your child will try to do the same.

4. Substitute One Drink at a Time

Habits are hard to break, especially those that feel good but are not so good for us. Although your children have developed their habits for less time, this holds true for them as well.

Getting your child to quit soda or juice cold turkey may not be received well. Make the transition easier for them and not a chore by replacing one drink at a time. Choose one meal or one snack time beverage to replace with water until it becomes the norm for your child.

5. Substitute Seltzer for Soda

This tip is great for children, and adults alike, who find it difficult to kick the soda habit.

Seltzer water keeps some of that fizz for when you want to feel you’re giving yourself a little treat while remaining just as healthy and hydrating as regular water.

6. Keep Your Water Clean

Kids tend to nitpick the smallest things. It is possible your child may not like the taste of unfiltered water. Keep your water tasting fresh and free of toxins by utilizing a trusted countertop water filter.

Not only will this ensure the quality of your water, but it will allow your child to easily access clean water in your home, allowing them to help themselves when they are thirsty.

7. Make it a Game

If your child still seems hesitant to drink more water, why not try to incentivize it by making a game? Get the whole family involved and ensure everyone stays just a bit more hydrated by making it into a challenge.

Be sure to pick out their reward for meeting their goal together in order to ensure they are truly motivated to keep drinking water and monitor their progress together with cool stickers or magnets.

8. Add Fruit

This timeless tip is highly effective nonetheless. If your child still can’t get over the taste of plain water, adding fruit is a great way to keep the beverage tasty and healthy.

Using fruit can still help children to ditch unnatural sweeteners while nipping that unhealthy sugar craving in the bud. Adding your child’s favorite fresh fruit to their drink or even replacing ice cubes with frozen fruit can help make water their ideal beverage.

Stick With It

Making the commitment to getting your child to drink more water is a challenge whose trials are more than worth the result. Set them up for greater overall health in their lifetime by building good habits now and your child will thank you later

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