5 Things To Focus on If Your Going Through A Rough Patch In Your Relationship

A relationship isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. No matter how hard you try to not argue, the chances are you and your partner will clash sometimes. Miscommunication, trust issues, insecurity, and jealousy are just a few of the common issues that can take their toll on even a strong relationship, whether you are still in the naturally dating phase or in a long term marriage. 

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Sometimes it can be easy to work past these problems, however, other times these issues can have a major impact only our relationship. And if you have children it can often lead to family law solicitors being called in. Although this may be the right decision for some couples, if you are both willing to work towards it and bring the relationship back, you may be able to move past the tough patch. 

Have a look at the following five tips to help guide you through a rough patch in your relationship: 


One of the biggest mistake that couples do, does not talk things through to try and avoid the arguing. Emotions cannot be swept under the rug, so you need to verbalize what you feel otherwise nothing will ever get fixed. If you choose to ignore your problems, the build-up of frustration could lead to an even bigger argument in the future, dissatisfaction, resentment or a complete loss in wanting to maintain the relationship. 

Take Some Time Away

While communication is important, it’s also good to recognise when you’re not on the same page, constant communication can be difficult. So while you should talk things through, don’t constantly revisit a subject. Leave some time for you to do your own goals and focus on your own thing every now and again. 

Find Common Ground 

If it’s an issue that affects you both, you need to come to an agreement. This agreement should be a compromise between the two of your views. You need to both be happy, even if that means giving in a little and apologizing for coming on too strong with your opinions. Make sure you have a clear conversation about your opinion and how you feel about the situation but also see if there is some sort of agreement and common ground that you can agree on. 

Remember Why You Are With Them 

It’s too easy to let a cloud of negativity cloud your mind. However, if you want hope and are having difficulty finding it, Think back to some of the best moments you have had together. How you met, why you fell in love, your first date, and the great memories you’ve created together. 

Keep The Spark Alive 

Sometimes the only thing you need is a break away from the drama. So if you and your other half have decided you still want to be together, plan a few extra special dates for you to go on. Even if you’re busy and can’t plan a big trip, try to plan something memorable that will take up the whole day. Spending some time just the two of you and seeing the spark reignite could reduce the negativity between you. 

It’s essential for you to realise the difference between a relationship in a rough patch and a toxic one, and you shouldn’t expect things to be good overnight, sticking the tips above will help you to get your relationship back on track. 

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  1. Communication is key. Yeah, you’re right, shutting down communication is a big mistake, although it’s usually what tends to happen in these cases. When you communicate you begin to see things from the other’s perspective. Sometimes it’s looking at things from opposite points of view that’s at the heart of a misunderstanding!
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