How To Set Up The Ultimate Playroom

How To Set Up The Ultimate Playroom

Gone are the days where the playroom is a collection of colorful clutter which causes a fuss for parents, and disinterest in children. According to the Montessori Method, children play more when they have fewer options available to them, and a playroom should be designed to stimulate autonomy and relaxation. For parents, this might seem counter-intuitive, but the proof is in the pudding. When children lead their play, independent play becomes easier and allows them to nurture imagination and creativity. Setting up the ideal playroom can be a fun challenge for parents and children.

Create Areas For Rest And Relaxation 

Pinterest is loaded with picture-perfect playrooms and while it’s not always possible to include every component displayed in those pins, parents should consider including a reading nook. The area should include books within easy reach as well as a soft area where they can be comfortable and enjoy their stories. Pillows that are sewn together, an old cot mattress, or even a folded quilt on the floor will go a long way. Children tend to spend a lot of time on the floor, which means that underfloor heating should be high on the list of considerations.

Bring The Outdoors In 

If you happen to be based in a region that sees a lot of rain, those long days spent indoors can seem long and dreary. Thankfully, sand and water desks are the perfect additions to playrooms. It is, however, essential that the playroom is kitted out to accommodate the moisture and dirt that could follow. Industry professionals EasyMerchants claim that floors should be prepared with a waterproof coating and it’s wise to stay clear of laminate flooring or carpeting, at least in the area where these tables are. When these tables are filled with sand and water, it’s also essential to keep a watchful eye. If this isn’t possible, consider including a herb garden in a sunny area near a window where children can grow their own produce and get their hands on some dirt. Not only will they cultivate a taste for gardening, but eating something they’ve grown themselves could increase their palates as well.

Boost Creativity And Activity 

The time children spend playing, can also be a great time for them to flex their creative muscles. While an easel is a great addition to the room, dedicating a wall or a closet door as a chalkboard can set those creativity muscles ablaze. Activity is another element of play and for those who learn to be active in a fun environment, activity will always be a fun part of their lives. Including a climbing wall or monkey bars in a play area might seem over the top, but it will make a significant difference in a child’s activity levels.

The playroom is a safe haven for children to play and stretch their imaginations. A few simple changes or additions can quickly turn an ordinary room into the ultimate escape for a child’s mind.

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