10 Fun Ways to Celebrate the Arrival of a Newborn (And Help the Baby’s Parents)

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The arrival of a newborn baby is always an exciting and joyous occasion. As friends and family, it’s nice to celebrate the new parents and welcome the latest addition to the family. Here are ten fun ways to celebrate the arrival of a newborn.

1. Throw a Newborn Baby Shower

A baby shower is a classic way to celebrate a new arrival before the birth. You can now throw a newborn baby shower after the baby is born to help the new parents feel special and supported. Consider holding it at someone’s house and having guests bring gifts like nappies, baby clothes, blankets, and gift cards. Make it a casual afternoon tea event with sweet treats like cookies, cupcakes or a cake, finger sandwiches, fruits, veggies and dip, and tea or lemonade. Decorate with baby decorations in blue or pink.

2. Have a Newborn Photo Shoot

Capture the baby’s first days by organising a newborn photo shoot. Many photographers specialise in newborn sessions involving poses with the baby sleeping peacefully, curled up, or using props like baskets and blankets. This will create special keepsakes for the parents to remember their baby’s earliest days. Hire a photographer for a 2–3-hour in-home session.

3. Deliver Meals for the Family

In those first few weeks, new parents are exhausted between feedings, nappy changes, and trying to squeeze in some sleep. Make things easier by putting together a meal delivery schedule. Offer to drop off a healthy homemade dish like a lasagne, curry, casserole, or soup that provides leftovers. Coordinate with other friends and family so the new parents have meals delivered several times a week for the first month.

4. Set Up a Meal Train

For ongoing meals after the first month, set up an online meal train where friends and family can sign up to deliver food on certain dates. Consider dietary restrictions, allergies, and cuisines the new parents might enjoy. Home cooked meals are helpful, but meal kits with easy recipes are also a handy option.

5. Gift a Postpartum Care Package

A self-care package can lift the spirits of a new mum who is recovering from childbirth. Include things like comfy slippers, herbal tea, face masks, bath bombs, lip balm, lavender lotion, soft pyjamas, nursing tops, loose dresses, cosy cardigans, blankets, snacks, Netflix gift card, Uber Eats gift card, and any other ideas to help her relax and pamper herself.

6. Offer Baby Gear and Hand-Me-Downs

See if you have any good quality baby items or extra baby clothing that you can give the new parents. Useful hand-me-downs include clothes up to 12 months, swaddles, bibs, blankets, burp cloths, toys, books, a pram, baby monitor, activity gym, bouncer, and more. They’ll appreciate not having to buy absolutely everything new.

7. Send Flowers or Balloons

Flowers are a lovely gesture to brighten up the home and show you’re thinking of the new family. Consider sending a cheerful bouquet of daisies, roses, or carnations. Or send over a celebratory balloon bouquet in blue and pink shades with messages like “It’s a Boy!” or “Welcome Baby Girl!”

8. Have Friends Sign a Congratulations Card

A heartfelt card is always appreciated. Get a group of mutual friends to all sign a congratulations card for the new parents and baby. Include personal messages about how the baby is welcomed into your friend circle. Consider fun or touching quotes, bits of advice, well wishes, and congrats as you think about what to write in a new baby card.

9. Offer Your Services as a Babysitter

Give the parents a helping hand and offer to babysit for a few hours or nights so they can catch up on sleep, enjoy a meal out, or get things done child-free. When the baby gets a bit older, volunteering as a regular babysitter gives them flexibility to run errands and take a break.

10. Organise a Christening or Baby Naming Ceremony

Offer to help plan a christening or baby naming ceremony to formally welcome the newborn into the community. These special events are a chance for family and friends to gather and celebrate the baby. Make it meaningful for the parents by helping organise the location, decorations, food, and other logistics.

The arrival of a newborn is an exciting yet challenging life change. Helping celebrate and making this time a bit easier for the new parents goes a long way. Consider any of these fun ideas to show your love and support for the new family during the initial adjustment period.

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