decoratedtreeThis is a really simple card idea that can be made by even the youngest of toddlers. You can adapt it to make the tree more of a Christmas tree shape to make it look a bit more seasonal.

You will need:

  • decorated tree cards - suppliesCard cut into tree shapes. You can either do this yourself with a template or draw free hand, or get ready made shapes. Ours were ready made as a part of a vDabble box (see previous post about vDabble here)
  • Paint – We used red and green
  • Glue – We used both PVA glue and Pritt Stick.
  • Decorations for the tree – We used pom poms as baubles and strips of shredded tissue as tinsel. You could use real tinsel, sparkly pipe cleaners, sequins, glitter or anything else!

It’s ideal for younger children as it doesn’t matter where they place the decorations on the tree or how carefully (or not) they put them on, it will still give that decorated tree effect.

making toddler christmas cardsMr R (2) and Mr T (3) really enjoyed all the painting and sticking. Mr T is getting much more precise now, and really concentrates! Mr R has almost covered himself as much as the card!
making decorated tree cardsThis is a really quick and easy craft. We only spent about half an hour doing it this afternoon, but if I had given them more trees to decorate and a wider selection of decorations it could have kept them busy for ages! To make this into a Christmas card, simply write your message on the back – or you could mount the decorated tree shape onto a traditional folded card.

Here’s one of the finished cards:
decorated tree cardsIf you are making any Christmas cards with your children why not enter the Kids One Stop Shop Children’s Design a Christmas Card competition by tweeting them a picture of the finished card?