Writing an Essay Easy: Four Things to Keep in Mind

People often treat an essay as something they have to do, not something they want to do. And this is what pretty much ruins everything. You need to think of a way to make this more pleasant to you. if you can’t think it this way, we know a good essay writing service.

When writing an essay, you should keep in mind these 4 things:

1. Many of the essays answer the question “What?” Some answer the question “Why?”. Yours should answer the question “How?” Most of the students get stuck when it comes to the argument. It’s also a problem when they didn’t reach the word count. By focusing on the question “How”, you solve both of the problems. See how you can explain your thesis statement, how the author focuses on one motive, how the character follows its pattern in life.

2. There’s no use in being scared of freedom. You don’t have to follow the same pattern all over again (it’s actually getting a little bit old). Don’t just write a straight line from the beginning to the end. It’s okay to have a little bit of freedom while talking about your topic. Your arguments should be clear, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow it from head to toes.

3. There are some words and phrases that are better to be left aside. For instance, don’t use “you”, leave the second-person at home when you write an essay for school. Also, the “I” might be a problem, too. Some teacher say that it’s not good to use “I” in your statement, but truth be told, if you want to use “I believe” or “in my opinion”, you can, especially if we’re talking about the introduction. Don’t use clichés. Or “some”, “thing/things”, “that”, the verb “to be”. It’s not professional, as many would say.

4. You can use Wikipedia when… – we all know what Wikipedia is and how much it helps us – it’s actually a very great tool for research. However, many people don’t think good of Wikipedia, because it might not be a reliable source to use in a school essay. We’re here to tell you that there are 2 ways in which you can make the most out of Wikipedia.

a) Background research: you may not know *everything* about your topic, so it’s best if you do some digging. This is one way to quickly read and understand everything you need to write in your essay. However, do not use the ideas from there directly to your essay.

b) The sources: it’s a very good idea to check the reference section of the articles from the site. You cannot simply cite the Wikipedia site, but you can find the original sources and cite them on your written paper.

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