Why Leroy Sane is a great transfer target for Arsenal

The troublemaker in the English football transfer market this summer has been Arsenal in London.

As I write this, the club have already spent 97.06m euros on transfers, according to the respected online publication Transfermarkt.

And that does not include the €30m signing of Oleksandr Zinchenko, who left Manchester City.

The Ukrainian is already at the Canaries’ training camp in the USA, so it is clear that it is a matter of little, the sides’ managers are left with purely paperwork.

Also some online betting companies in the UK have started to take bets on the transfer of Leroy Sane from Bayern to Arsenal in London.

If this transfer becomes a reality, the experienced winger could be the cherry on the cake of staffing reinforcements for Mikel Arteta’s team.

Let’s fantasize about what heights Arsenal can achieve with the 26-year-old midfielder in the squad.

While assessing the previous decisions of the English club in the transfer market in the summer of 2022.

What Arsenal have already achieved in the 2022 transfer market

A whole group of players have returned from loan to other clubs. But the return of eleven players can hardly be regarded as reinforcements.

Yet, among them, only Hector Bellerin fits into the vision of the current Arsenal head coach.

Well, the purchase strategy clearly points to the markers, namely players who are familiar with Manchester City’s training system.

Arsenal’s most high-profile acquisition so far has been the signing of Gabriel Jesus for over €50m.

Fabio Vieira, a 22-year-old attacking midfielder from Porto, has become the “second swallow” in Arsenal’s reinforcement process.

And he is also a very important investment, because the London club spent €35m to buy him out!

Who the club parted ways with

As we have mentioned above, some of the players who were loaned out by Arsenal for the 2021/22 season have already said their final farewells to the London club.

And for Matteo Guendouzi, Arsenal received compensation of 11 million euros from Marseille.

Konstantinos Mavropanos, who was valued by German Stuttgart at 3.2 million, also left not for free.

Arsenal’s free losses

The biggest disappointment for Arsenal fans was the departure of Alexandre Lacazette absolutely free.

And as a free agent, the Frenchman returned to the club that brought him up.

After losing his beloved partner in London Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, the 31-year-old forward really lost his edge, which drew a line under the period of his career in the EPL.

Auston Trusty will continue his career on another loan. The 23-year-old American has no way of adjusting to the rigours of the English Premier League.

Therefore, he will spend at least another year in the Championship defending Birmingham City.

How Sane could strengthen Arsenal

Here we come to the most interesting point of our piece. The British press have even begun to model the possible results of the 2022/23 season for Arsenal, in the event that the talented German winger strengthens the Londoners’ squad.

Sane’s greatest strengths include his experience at Manchester City. Arteta can also easily find common ground with the player he has worked with in the past.

But the fact that there are still three seasons left on his contract with Bayern makes the transfer value of Leroy quite high.

To pay for him, even in the case of Munich’s loyalty, will have to at least 70 million euros.

It will be all the more interesting to watch how decisive Arsenal’s moves will be in this process.

In fact, Leroy Sane is the final missing link in a possible return to the Champions League for the Canaries. And there’s hardly much bargaining involved… 

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