Tutti Rouge Lingerie Review…and why we love it

Motherhood is a beautiful journey. Once we find out that parenting life is in the horizon everything changes. And I mean EVERYTHING…especially our bodies. Of course we know and prepare ourselves mentally for all these changes but there is no amount of preparation to get us ready for it. It took me a long time to understand and accept my post baby body. I went trough many thoughts, diets and self deprecation to finally appreciate this perfect machine that my body really is. After 3 years of breastfeeding and solely dedicating myself to my daughter I have to admit I did not feel like myself when I looked at the mirror. Very few of my pre baby clothes fitted my new post baby body. And after fighting and resisting I decided to appreciate it and love it just as it is. It was not easy but I found a new type of sexy that I have never experienced before.

What worked for me and helped to regain my confidence was taking selfies. I would force myself to put some make up on, do something nice with my hair and wear something a bit more provocative. Trust me this was a long process. You need to commit to it and eventually you will get that perfect shot where your face and your body will look incredible. It will not always work. You will delete hundreds of pictures out of the hundreds you took. Do not be disheartened. It worked for me and I am sure it will work for you too. When you see that perfect shot of the perfect you all will make sense and slowly your confidence will come back. Ypu will look at that picture and see yourself again and eventually you will love the new you.

This lingerie is absolutely delightful and effortlessly sexy. It is easy to put on despite all the details and that is a huge bonus. We can’t waste time trying to find bits and pieces to connect to more little bits and pieces. We are mothers…we do not have the luxury of spare time. We received these gorgeous pieces from Tutti Rouge and we love them! Their entire collection is beautiful and the best of all…they have options for curvier girls like us. They specialize in fuller busts pieces and have sizes that go up to DD+ cups which is a live saver and you can’t find theses sizes easily.

Their website is user friendly and what made me fall in love with the brand is that their models have all shapes and sizes which makes it relatable. We will never body shame other women but its hard to go shopping for lingerie  when all you see is super skinny models….nothing to do with body size but is almost impossible to picture us being curvier and bustier fitting in those pieces. So is nice to open their website and see girls with similar body type rocking those sexy sets.

I personally am fond of subtle details. The bodysuit that a got has a few see through parts and the straps have little golden hearts in the back which is my absolute favourite detail. We also want to feel comfortable and this bodysuit did not let me down. The material is top quality and I can tell it will last.

As women we are constantly under a microscope about how we should behave and look and motherhood makes it 100 times worse. The decision to block the external pressure of how I should look like post baby was liberating and I am loving every second of it.

My hips are wider and breasts bigger and more than likely they will never go back to the size and shape they used to be but I no longer care. I absolutely love my new sizes and shape. I decided to focus on my overall health instead of numbers on clothes and scales.

I do not even own a scale anymore and I happily buy clothing 1 or 2 times bigger than my actual size because what matters to me is not only how I look or feel but how comfortable I am. Life is beautiful and too short for us to be wasting it worrying about mediocre and unattainable standards that random people implemented. Embrace your power. Love this body that is healthy and brought life into this world. You are a miracle that keep on creating little miracles and that alone is a reason to fall in love with this new juicier version or yourself.


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