The best methods to develop original essay titles

Originality is simple. All you need to do is come up with something that no one in the world has ever thought of before. See? That’s that problem sorted out. I jest, naturally. Of course, that is actually how originality is seen by some of the people responsible for the most original ideas in human history. Take John Lennon, for example, who once jibed that the cyclical nature of musical trends made no sense to him, as there’s no need to repeat ideas because coming up with something new is more fun. Yes, John. Because it’s just that easy. Of course, where originality in essay writing becomes a sticking point that prevents you ever putting pen to paper (or rather, from putting finger to keyboard as the case may be), there are things that we can do to loosen up our minds and attempt to get those creative juices flowing. Paying attention to original essay titles can prevent situations in which you consult with a plagiarism checker and find that you have, let’s say, inadvertently taken the easy route. 

Brainstorms are for adults too

In school, we were taught to brainstorm. And what brainstorming essentially means is writing down any old thing that comes to mind with a subject prompt. The aim is to uncover an original connection between a subject matter and something that would otherwise seem completely and seemingly unrelated. For example, if the essay topic was farming, the word ‘farm’ might remind you of the 1986 smash hit “You’re the Voice” by John Farnham, which sounds a bit like farm. From here, you could decide that your essay would benefit from an original title along the lines of “undiscovered farming songs and their real meanings”. Originality is all about sidestepping the obvious questions and instead answering something that you (and others) are intrigued by. So, fill your boots. Brainstorm. Get yourself a big writing pad and marker pen. And prepare yourself for some of the most random thoughts you’ve ever had in your life. 

Filtering ideas 

Carrying on from our previous example of essays on ‘farms’, you could research the suggested ‘song’ based topic and find that you struggle to gather any useful information. This is where filtering your ideas comes into play. After you have brainstormed, pick the three most intriguing ideas and look online for which one is easiest to research. 

Last tip – hyphens (and brackets)

Research shows that people will find your content (essay) to stand out and be more likely to be interesting and answer their query if your title contains around 5-8 words and contains a hyphen and/or brackets. The additional punctuation allows for intriguing titles. Use this information wisely, and good luck! 

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