toddler paintingThe first week I joined up to What’s the Story I talked about my favourite picture of all 3 boys, which is the one on my blog header. Today I want to tell you all about this one, which is a quite similar but much earlier picture. You might recognise this as I have made my blog Facebook profile picture out of this.

This picture is of Mr Z some time just before his 2nd birthday. This is the first picture I have of any of the children doing painting in the garden, and it was the first time I gave Mr Z a real canvas to paint on (which reminds me I should go and buy some more for them all to paint on!)

We would have been out at playgroups in the morning then Mr Z used to fall asleep in the buggy on the way home (and Mr T who was about 6 months at that time, he loved his sleep as a baby). When they were sleeping I put all the canvas, paints and sponges out ready in the garden – but I remember Mr Z taking soo long to wake up on that day!

Unless we were out at a group, I used to do crafts like painting or sticking every afternoon at home with Mr Z while Mr T normally had a nap – because they are quite close together in age and I didn’t want him to miss out on one to one time and attention, doing craft activities together was a great way to make sure he got all that.

He made some great pictures. Unfortunately I don’t have the canvas in the picture anymore, even though it was his first one – we have moved house two times since then and it must have got lost somewhere along the way.

From the same day, this is another of my favourite toddler pics of Mr Z – because the look on his face is just so cute and hilarious 😀

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