Shah Jahan Mosque – The First Mosque in the UK

I’ve been meaning to post these pictures for a while, so if you are wondering why it looks so much warmer and sunnier – that would be because they were taken in August! Nearby to us in Woking, we have the first purpose built mosque in the Uk – Shah Jahan Mosque. It was built in 1889 by Dr Wilheim Leitner. It is interesting to have such a historical mosque nearby to us, and it’s not just a historical place to visit. As well as being the first mosque in the UK, it’s still a fully used mosque for all the daily prayers. You can read about the history of it on Wikipedia if you wanted to know a bit more. It is a Sunni mosque now (we are Sunni like most Muslims in the UK) but had a brief Ahmadiyya period and a few years of being un-used.

Sometimes when we have some relatives over visiting the UK my husband takes them to this mosque since it is the oldest mosque in the UK and it is a lot more beautiful and impressively built than a lot of the mosques we normally go to. The architecture is really nice . The below pictures are from a visit with the kids to the mosque over the summer, and are taken by my husband (catbaba)

shah jahan mosque first mosque in uk

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