15 Reassuring Children’s Books about Starting School

Starting school is an exciting time and a new chapter in your child’s life. It’s also a big change and a challenge for them! It can be a little bit scary too.

You may be feeling overwhelmed with all the things there are to prepare them for this new stage of life.

Children might feel nervous about meeting new people, or have trouble making friends.

15 children's books about starting school

One way to get ready is through reading. Luckily, there are many books that can help prepare kids for starting school.

Books are a great way to introduce children to the joy of reading before they start school, and provide them with skills they need to succeed. They can even help your child make friends at school or develop a love of reading that will last their whole life.

Here, are some of our favourite books for kids who are about to start school.

books for kids about starting school

These are suitable whether your child is starting reception, or school nursery class. Or may even help if your infant school child is moving to a new school and feeling a bit nervous

books about starting school

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