Project 52:5 & The Better Photo Project

My favourite photo of the week is this one. They both look so cute 🙂

spreadshirt kids clothes

They are posing because they are happy with their new lion tshirts! (If you like them, you can enter the giveaway for credit from the store they are from)

Coincidentally, this photo is actually taken on my phone (iPhone 5s) and the topic on the Better Photo Project this week is all about taking pictures with your phone and mobile photo editing.

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Project 52:3 &The Better Photo Project

For this week’s Project 52, I have done one picture each of all the boys. Instead of capturing them busy playing or in a candid shot, I have asked them to stay still and look at the camera, but they still manage to show their personality in the photos.  For three photos of three brothers all next to pretty much plain cream background they have all ended up with quite different photos.

The only one who actually stays still and looks at the camera is Mr Z. The reason I did ask them to do that is for this week’s task in the Love All Blogs Better Photo Project – to focus on the eyes.

Photography focus on the eyes

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