Mr Tumble’s Big Book of Counting

I’m sure I have mentioned here before how we love Something Special. I think it’s brilliant to have a show so readily available on TV where we can learn more signs, and that has exposed more people to using Makaton outside of the Special Needs community. I also think it’s very positive to normalise Special Needs on children’s TV. It’s good for Mr T to see children like himself on TV, and hopefully when he starts school and people see him sometimes communicating in sign they might remember a bit about what they have seen before rather than just thinking that it’s “weird.”

Mr T loves the character of Mr Tumble and finds him hilarious. The other boys like him too but he is Mr T’s favourite.

Recently we were sent Mr Tumble’s Big Book of Counting for review and naturally it was a big success with Mr T and all of the boys.

mr tumble's big book of counting

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