10 Great Kids Apps

It has been 6 months since I last brought you our favourite app recommendations, and in that time we have been busy discovering lots more so I thought it was about time that I brought you our new recommendations of 10 great kids apps! Many of the apps in the previous post we are still using and enjoying, so do check out that list too if you missed it the first time around. This time I have split the apps into literacy, numeracy, and play and imagination categories.

Our recommendations of 10 great apps for kids

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My Pick Of The Best Literacy Activities & Games

I recently shared a post with reviews of over 10 resources to help children with their reading. They are primarily paid services or products, and I do recommend all the products included in that post. I believe it’s definitely worth investing in educational products and services, as anything towards the children’s education and development is money well spent!

However, I did promise that I would share some free literacy activities and literacy games here on the blog too. So here’s a selection, not just posts from me but also from fellow parenting bloggers with some of the best fun and free literacy activities for kids. These are all activities which can be done at home to help encourage kids interest in letters, reading and writing. I’ve also included some posts which are not activities but are really useful resources for children’s literacy.

literacy games and literacy activities to help children's reading, writing and learning letters

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Helping Your Child With Their Reading

Recently we have been reviewing lots of literacy resources. It’s important to support children’s reading at home. It’s hard for children to get enough one to one time and attention in school in a class of 30 so I am always interested in different ways to encourage reading at home, to help my kids get in more practise in fun ways.

Here are some of the products and ideas we have been impressed with. Hopefully some of these recommendations will suit you too! These are predominantly for infant school aged children (4-7 years). I will do another post with the younger ideas some time soon!

10 resources to help your child's reading at home. Give them a boost in their literacy skills, in a fun way. These suggestions are tried and tested


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Go to Sleep or I Let Loose the Leopard – Interview with my 5 year old.

Learning to read is so much more than just learning to decipher the sounds on the page. It’s always good to talk about the books that you have read with your children to make sure they have understood what has happened in the story, and encourage them to think a little deeper.

This week we have been reading Go to Sleep or I Let Loose the Leopard” by Steve Cole.
go to sleep or i let loose the leopard

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Reading Chest Review

reading chest review

Throughout January we have been reviewing lots of literacy based products and services on the blog. Reading Chest is proving to be one of our favourites!

Reading Chest is a reading book subscription service. This fits in perfectly with busy lifestyles and supplements school reading books perfectly.

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LeapFrog LeapReader

leapfrog leapreader

Lately on the blog, we’ve been looking at different products to help with children’s literacy. The LeapFrog LeapReader is one that I was really interested in trying out with the boys.

The LeapReader is an electronic reading and writing system in the form of pen which is compatible with a wide selection of books. The LeapReader interacts with the books when your child places the tip of the pen down onto certain parts of the page, this allows the child to get a hint or prompt on words they are finding difficult as they can touch those words and hear them read. It’s great for very early readers as they will need more support and can get it easily through the LeapReader which should help to feel less frustrated with their reading.

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