rudepeopleI’m not normally much of a ranty person, but this week people have really been getting on my nerves! I have been moaning on Facebook earlier in the week, but I’m still annoyed so I have decided to join in with the Ranty Friday linky for the first time!

I’ve recently moved over to using my side by side buggy full time (see previous post about the difficulty of finding double buggies big enough to fit my almost 4 year old with asd), and this week I took it into Central London. It is pretty massive. For some reason people seem to behave as though you have chosen a massive buggy for the sole purpose of peeing them off!

If I did not need to push around a giant buggy and two heavy children, trust me I would not! Perhaps when people see such a big child sitting in a buggy they think it’s a “lazy child” or just “lazy parenting”. I really doubt that lazy people would drag about 50kg (combined weight of buggy and 2 kids) up and down stairs and push it around all day just for fun!

I never noticed any rudeness when I had the kids in the Phil & Teds. It seems like being much smaller, this is a more acceptable buggy in people’s eyes. It is quite rare to see big side by side buggies in some parts of Central London, whereas you see Phil & Teds on every street! Understandable, as they are so much easier to get onto buses and ours did serve us well when the boys were younger. With that buggy, I always found it easier to get it up and down stairs too. I’m used to it and I have the right technique so I don’t need help from anyone. Obviously as the boys get bigger and heavier it does get harder and harder.

With my new Out n About Double, it is harder. To be honest, with younger toddlers it would probably be okay, I am just getting to the stage now that whatever buggy I have the boys are going to be too heavy to lift so it’s not just the fault of this buggy.

My first complaint is why can’t they sort level access at more of the tube stations so that this wouldn’t be an issue in the first place! Eventually I am going to get to the frustrating stage that many wheelchair users must be at already, where I can not use the majority of tube stations at all with my kids, because of my child’s disabilities and the lack of access. (He can walk. But he can not manage stairs like that, and lack of danger awareness means it wouldn’t be safe for him to be around the train tracks without being strapped in.) The tube is a brilliant network and part of the fabric of our city – it needs to be made accessible to everyone as it’s really unfair.

My second complaint is about people’s attitudes while you are struggling with heavy buggies on the stairs. I don’t particularly expect anyone to help me – although it’s nice for people to offer, no one owes me anything and I will get on with what I need to do. BUT for goodness sake, if you are not going to offer or ask if I need a hand then don’t turn around and stare at me while I struggle with my buggy. I had a woman the other day literally swivel her head right around and stare. It is so rude!

My final complaint is one particular lady in Waitrose (and it’s not the first time I have come across rudeness in Waitrose, it’s a lovely shop – shame about the customers!!!!!). She just outright refused to move to the side a bit to let me get my buggy past, after shoving her basket right into my 3 year old’s face (to make some kind of point?? She knew she did it, cos she then said oh look my basket is in your child’s face!) I do not know what on earth is wrong with people that they think it is okay to behave like that? Manners cost nothing. Yes, my buggy is big and needs more space than average to get through – moving a couple of steps to the side would have taken her two seconds. One day she might have mobility problems herself as she gets older, and I’m sure she will be appreciate people not blocking her way on purpose, so why not treat others the same way!

And ironically after bumping into all these rude people the other day, I came home and logged on to Twitter to see that it was World Kindness Day! Hmph… Clearly some people never got the Memo!

I’m linking up to Ranty Friday on Mummy Barrow:

MummyBarrowHave you experienced the same lately, or do you find people generally more helpful? Let me know in the comments!