How Are You Supposed To Feel Good In What You Wear?

The means by which we feel good is totally dependent on what makes us happy and how healthy that is in general. However, we can generally rely on this one maxim – if you look good, you feel good, but perhaps more importantly, if you feel good, you look good too. For this reason, it’s nice to take care of ourselves, even on our rough days, and dress in a manner that helps us express ourselves without having to think as if there are perfect rules we should follow.

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NanoStyle Necklace Giveaway

We recently reviewed a beautiful Nano Jewelry necklace, and so many of you had positive comments about this unique piece of jewellery when we shared it over on our Instagram account – so now, we are able to offer one lucky reader the chance to win one of these gorgeous necklaces for yourself!


Sometimes a necklace that says I love you in just one language is not enough – so say it in 120 languages with this innovative and beautiful design. These gorgeous necklaces are best sellers as birthday and anniversary gifts for her, and can be treasured for years to come. 

Nano Style I love you in 120 languages necklace with magnifying glass

The NanoStyle “I love you in different languages” necklace features micro engraving and comes beautifully presented with a magnifying glass in the box so that you can carefully read all of the words and spot the “I love you” message in the language which is most meaningful to you – Do you prefer to say Te Amo, Ich liebe Dich, Je T’aime or something else? There are so many versions of “I love you” included, in all kinds of scripts including Chinese, Arabic, Russian and even more. 

Here’s a close up of all of the languages included. 

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Woodland Crafts & Activities for Kids

It’s important for children’s development for them to get outdoors and have plenty of time to play and explore. We’re lucky in the UK to have so many great woodland spaces, and we’ve been working with the Woodland Trust to help spread the word about their work and the importance of preserving our woodlands.

The Woodland Trust is Britain’s largest charity protecting our woodland and the wildlife that lives there. Over 250 of our most threatened species depend on our native woods for their survival. Yet in the past 70 years, more than half of our ancient woodland has been destroyed.

Today I’m going to share a few simple and fun ideas of how you can enjoy the woodlands together with your family with our essential guide to woodland crafts for kids. Creative outdoor play forms such an important part of childhood, and making woodland crafts is a fun and special way to expand on your woodland walks once you get back home.

Children can create their own designs, building confidence and nurturing their personal connection to the woodland environments.

Nature crafts for kids, woodland activities to make and do after visiting the woods

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Luvbiotics Giveaway: Win the whole range – RRP £50

This summer we can finally start to put the pandemic behind us and focus on our health and wellbeing.  It’s the perfect time to get out of the house, meet up with friends or family and make the most of the warmer weather, that’s something to smile about! So smile Brighter This Summer & Improve Your Oral Health with Luvbiotics

We have got together with Luvbiotics to offer one reader the chance to win a prize bundle of their full product range. 

Luvbiotics are a new probiotic oral care range with products including toothpastes, mouthwash and lozenges. 


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Is It Time For A Glam Party In Your House?

Parties are fun. At least they’re supposed to be. So what if you want to create a party for someone of any age, in the most stylized and glamorous way? Here are some easy tips. The organization of a party owes, in large part, its success to the time and resources invested in the preparation. However, one of the most stressful steps when planning a party is surely decorating the place because, in many cases, you don’t know where to start. Will the colors match the chosen theme? Will the guests enjoy the decor and arrangement of the items? Well, we are sure they will! 

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Free Printable Monster Coloring Pages and Activities for Kids

Its time to have fun with some scary monsters! These simple educational activities and coloring sheets for younger kids are ideal for a Halloween activity, and a great way to practise fine motor skills and re-inforce preschool concepts and skills including letter tracing, completing patterns and counting.

Our 13 page monsters coloring book includes alphabet tracing on the first page, many cute monster coloring pages, a page to design your own monster and more.

Take a look at all of the pages below…. and enjoy with your little monsters!

Free Printable Monsters Coloring pages and activity sheets in a 13 page pack pdf

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13 Fun & Easy Pirate Crafts for Kids (and 10 Free Pirate Printables too!)

Pirates are always a popular theme with kids, and for good reason. They get to be the daring hero in a quest for treasure and adventure. They can also dress up as their favorite pirate character, fly the Jolly Roger, and even speak in pirate talk. Who wouldn’t want that?

Today we have 13 easy pirate crafts for kids to share with you, as well as free printable pirate colouring pages and activities.

I remember going to some great pirate themed parties as a child, and they have stood the test of time since my boys love pirates just as much. If you are planning a pirate party, we have plenty of great and simple ideas here for you in this blog post. 

Young people have been fascinated by pirates for centuries! These days, people are more into pirates than ever before. That’s because of movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Stranger Things, as well as TV shows like Once Upon A Time and Black Sails. 

With Talk Like a Pirate Day on the 19th September, we’ve got you covered with these easy crafts.

With a bit of creativity and some glue, you can create these fun little pirate crafts that are just perfect for your young buccaneers!

I’ve gathered together a selection of swashbuckling pirate crafts, from hats to telescopes to parrots and eye patches – there’s a craft or pirate activity for every little pirate to enjoy making. 13 fun pirate crafts for kids for talk like a pirate day. Great ideas for treasure chests, telescopes, pirate hand prints and loads more. Pirate printables too!

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15 Reassuring Children’s Books about Starting School

Starting school is an exciting time and a new chapter in your child’s life. It’s also a big change and a challenge for them! It can be a little bit scary too.

You may be feeling overwhelmed with all the things there are to prepare them for this new stage of life.

Children might feel nervous about meeting new people, or have trouble making friends.

15 children's books about starting school

One way to get ready is through reading. Luckily, there are many books that can help prepare kids for starting school.

Books are a great way to introduce children to the joy of reading before they start school, and provide them with skills they need to succeed. They can even help your child make friends at school or develop a love of reading that will last their whole life.

Here, are some of our favourite books for kids who are about to start school.

books for kids about starting school

These are suitable whether your child is starting reception, or school nursery class. Or may even help if your infant school child is moving to a new school and feeling a bit nervous

books about starting school

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Why Your Family with Kids Needs the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

Are you tired of your favorite movies being ruined at the hands of your children? While everyone loves the nostalgia that comes with keeping up their DVD collection, there comes a point where you need to make a change. In this article, we will introduce to you the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum– AKA, the answer to your DVD-related problems. DVDs have had their time in the spotlight. As great as they are, keeping kid’s DVDs in a home with children can result in many stressful problems, including:

  • Kids scratching DVDs
  • Kids breaking or losing DVDs
  • Kids DVDs purchased abroad are not compatible with all DVD players due to region code issues
  • DVDs are not portable and cannot be enjoyed in the car, in a restaurant, or on a plane.
  • Kids DVDs take up too much space in any room. They often look cluttered and can easily become disorganized. 

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