Popsicle Stick Rainbow Craft

Today we have a super easy and fun popsicle stick rainbow craft to share.

The classic crafting activity of building a rainbow out of popsicle sticks is fun for kids, but it can also be a very useful learning tool and a great project to help teach toddlers and preschoolers about the colors of the rainbow.

Rainbow crafts are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, Spring time or just any time of the year where you want some colorful crafty fun. Rainbows also tie in great for a weather theme.

Rainbows and unicorns are some of those craft themes for children which are continuously popular and can’t help but bring a smile to our faces.

Popsicle stick rainbow craft for preschoolers

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How Physical Injuries Can Affect Your Mental Health 

It’s bad enough that you’re in physical pain from an injury, but then it takes you out of commission from work, hobbies, and even average everyday activities. This can weigh heavy on your mind and cause you to feel like there’s no outlet to vent on the discomfort, both physical and mental. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that a physical injury can directly impact your mental health.



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90 Best Irish Baby Names for Girls and Boys (with meanings)

The Irish have been blessed with some of the most beautiful names in the world. Here are some of the top Irish girls’ names and top Irish boys’ names, that just happen to be some of our favorites. 

How to choose the perfect name for your baby? Once you find out that you’re pregnant, it’s one of the big decisions that takes up a lot of brain space over the next 9 months. There is lots to consider – do you want a popular name, a unique Irish name or something that’s a little easier to spell?

90 best Irish baby names for boys and girls, a list of unique names with meanings and Irish spellings

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Handprint Shamrock Craft Easy St Patrick’s Day Idea for Kids

Today we have a fun handprint shamrock craft idea using simple materials that would make a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day project for kids to make at home, or as part of their classroom celebrations. This is one of the most easy shamrock crafts that you could find!

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up soon (March 17th). To mark the occasion, you can make this easy Shamrock craft with the kids, using their own little handprints, then they can display their own shamrocks or even use the handprints to create a St. Patrick’s Day card for friends and family.

St Patrick's Day Handprint Shamrock craft for Kids. Have a shamrock' St. Patrick's Day

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What Colors Make Green? Color Mixing Activity for Kids (with Printables)

Most children love colors and mixing them together. They get the opportunity to play with their own creativity by making different combinations and shades.

How do we mix different colors, make a lighter shade or a darker shade?Offering color mixing activities is a great way to allow the children to discover the outcomes for themselves, and to be amazed by the results. 

The activities in this blog post will have children mixing and matching their own colors in order to discover what they need to make the color green – and the rest of the colors in the rainbow.

FREE PRINTABLE color mixing worksheets and activities, exploring shades and tones of a color

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