Las Vegas Hotel Deals Roundup! On The Strip V.S. Off The Trip!

Las Vegas is a place that many people want to visit – it’s something that might be on their bucket list, for example. There are plenty of reasons for that – it’s exciting, fascinating, and unique.

There is always something to do in Las Vegas, and whether it’s the casinos, the entertainment, the big names, the surrounding sights, or simply the fact that you want to soak up the one-of-a-kind atmosphere, it’s a great place to go. 

Although you might automatically assume that the best place to stay is on the Strip itself, that might not be quite right for you – with the many different Las Vegas hotel deals available, you might find that off the Strip is the better option. Here are five hotels on and five hotels off the Strip so you can decide what’s best for you. 

Source: Instagram, posted on February 21 2022, Westgate Las Vegas’ official profile.

  1. Westgate Las Vegas

You can find some amazing deals here. 

The Westgate Las Vegas hotel is an off the Strip place to stay that offers the most fantastic Las Vegas hotel deals, and you can view their current deals here. What’s great about the Westgate Las Vegas is that although it’s not on the Strip (perhaps offering the best value for money), it’s very close by so you can enjoy the entire Las Vegas experience without having to spend a fortune to do so. The rooms in the Westgate Las Vegas are supremely comfortable and big, and there are some great performers at the hotel every night, including Barry Manilow. Plus, there are a number of restaurants in the hotel – this is a great option when you’re looking for deals and don’t want to compromise. 

Source: Instagram, posted on April 4 2022, El Cortez LV’s official profile.

  1. El Cortez Hotel & Casino

The longest continuously running casino in Las Vegas. 

Ever since 1941, there has been a casino running in the El Cortez Hotel & Casino, location in the Fremont East District of Las Vegas. If you’re looking for some great deals away from the main Las Vegas Strip, you could very well find them at the El Cortez, which is famed for its historical significance, its retro charm, and its Las Vegas hotel deals. Onsite there is a 24-hour restaurant which offers familiar food like prime rib and shrimp cocktail. As well as this, there is the famous casino, sportsbook, beauty salon, barbershop, spa, and plenty of bars all with excellent live entertainment. Budget-friendly already, there are always deals to be had at the El Cortez. 

Source: Instagram, posted on July 14 2020, Downtown_Grand’s official profile.

  1. Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino

495 more rooms opened in September 2020. 

There are many different parts to Las Vegas, and when you’re away from The Strip, it can be hard to choose where to stay. When you choose the Las Vegas hotel deals at the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino, you can have it all, since this hotel’s location is right between the calmer East Fremont District and the louder Fremont Street area. The Downtown Grand has recently been renovated and boasts cool, contemporary styles in a vintage package. The rooms are comfortable and simple but offer amazing views thanks to their floor to ceiling windows. What really makes the Downtown Grand Hotel stand apart from the rest is the pool, though; it is an oasis of calm on the rooftop, complete with a fabulous cocktail bar. 

Source: Instagram, posted on February 24 2022, Oasis At Gold Spike’s official profile.

  1. Oasis At Gold Spike 

24-hour bar. 

Located on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas, this is the real taste of the city you’ve wanted to experience, and thanks to the excellent Las Vegas hotel deals, that’s exactly what you can do. The Strip is certainly fun, but if you want something more – and still be close enough to experience it – then Fremont Street is a great choice, and the Oasis At Gold Spike is a great option. During the day there is a useful coworking space in the hotel, but at night this turns into a party zone, so if you like it loud and fun, this is the hotel for you. The Oasis at Gold Spike has a deliberately cool, young vibe to it, and all its 130 rooms are ideal for those who want to party – they are great spaces to sleep in, allowing you a base, and then you’re in the middle of the action for everything else. There’s no casino on site, but there are plenty around, so you certainly won’t miss out. 

Source: Instagram, posted on August 23 2021, Plaza Las Vegas’ official profile.

  1. Plaza Las Vegas 

995 colorful rooms. 

You can’t help but notice the Plaza Las Vegas; the iconic hotel’s huge mural is one that certainly catches the eye, but as well as this, the hotel itself has become a symbol of Las Vegas – so why not stay there and become part of the history of the place? There is something very vintage about the Plaza, and that’s a good thing in this case, especially if you love the 70s, because that’s the vibe most people get. With 995 rooms and plenty to do both in and out of the hotel, when it comes to Las Vegas hotel deals this is certainly one to look out for. It’s fun, friendly, and fabulous, just like Las Vegas itself. There is a great steakhouse onsite with views out over Fremont Street; people-watching was never more delicious. Plus, the pool is a blast of color and the rooms are large and contain everything you might need during your stay in Las Vegas. 

Source: Instagram, posted on April 2 2022, Tropicana LV’s official profile.

  1. The Tropicana 

Try a poolside bungalow. 

If you love your Las Vegas history, you’ll love the Tropicana. Located at the south end of the Strip, this is one of the only 1950’s casinos left in Las Vegas, making it a very special place to stay indeed, even if it wasn’t for the Las Vegas hotel deals you can get there. When you arrive, the retro feeling is obvious – there is even a vintage Chevy by the entrance, getting your stay off to a great start. Inside the hotel is bright and light, and its décor shouts ‘tropical paradise’. There are standard rooms, which are lovely, but you can also upgrade to a bungalow. These are situated poolside, offering you a fantastic place to stay. Speaking of the pool, it really is the best element of this hotel; there are whirlpools, waterfalls, and palm trees aplenty, as well as private cabanas. Onsite there are many restaurants and theaters, offering excellent live entertainment. 

Source: Instagram, posted on March 22 2022, Paris Vegas’ official profile.

  1. Paris Las Vegas

15 onsite restaurants. 

Although it might cost a little more than some other hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, Paris Las Vegas certainly has a lot going for it, and since there are plenty of Las Vegas hotel deals to be had, you might find that it’s not quite as pricey as you initially thought. You can’t miss this hotel as you’re wandering down the Strip – there is a replica Eiffel Tower that truly stands out and has become a symbol of Las Vegas in its own right (the hotel’s pool is situated directly below it). As well as this, there are replicas of the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe. The décor of the hotel is very Parisian as well, so if you like true style and chic design, this is the place for you. There are 15 separate restaurants at Paris Las Vegas, including East Coast Italian, the Mon Ami Gabi, and a steakhouse by Gordon Ramsey. 

Source: Instagram, posted on January 1 2022, Bellagio’s official profile.

  1. Bellagio 

Iconic fountains.

It really depends on what you want from your Las Vegas hotel deals as to whether or not the Bellagio is going to appeal. It’s a true picture of Las Vegas – everyone knows it’s wonderful fountains, which are part of Vegas’s entertainment and free to enjoy by everyone, whether you stay at the hotel or not. However, compared to some other hotels, both on and off the Strip, it’s perhaps not as up to date as you might expect. However, what the Bellagio lacks on modern décor, it more than makes up for in facilities and location. There are almost 4,000 rooms in this hotel, and yet the customer service is impeccable, which is an impressive feat. What can make this hotel an attractive prospect for many is that although it is on the Strip, it is back from the road (behind the fountains), so it’s perhaps a little quieter than other nearby hotels, yet still allowing for the same excellent choice of restaurants, casinos, and stores. Speaking of restaurants – there are 20 options in the hotel itself, and one of these has Picasso’s art on the walls, said to be valued in the region of $100 million. 

Source: Instagram, posted on April 3 2022, Strat Vegas’ official profile.

  1. The Strat

Amazing views. 

Las Vegas hotel deals are plentiful, and if you can find a hotel that has great prices, you’re putting yourself ahead of the game. The Strat could be that hotel. Located on the Strip but with prices that might suggest otherwise, you can find a great budget room here in the middle of the action. The Strat, which used to be known as the Stratosphere and was famous for its high-rise tourist attraction ride that offered the most spectacular views over Vegas, is at the north end of the Strip, and you will need to take a bus or cab to reach the main Strip (or other areas of Las Vegas, such as Fremont Street), but that’s hardly an issue when you’re saving so much money on your hotel. The hotel has its own microbrewery and a number of restaurants, a pool, and a Starbucks, so you have pretty much everything you need right on your doorstep. 

Source: Instagram, posted on February 4 2022, MGM Grand’s official profile.

  1. MGM Grand 

Close to all attractions. 
Maybe the MGM Grand is the hotel you think of when you think of the Las Vegas Strip. It’s certainly iconic, with its golden lions and striking branding. It’s gorgeous pool and spacious rooms are just as memorable, especially thanks to the spa baths in everyone. There are suites too, with kitchenettes and a living room area, making the Las Vegas hotel deals you’ve found truly pay for themselves. In this hotel, you’re walking distance to everything you might want to see and do in Las Vegas, so don’t limit yourself – explore as much as you want, knowing you have an exceptional hotel to come back to when it’s time to rest.

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