The Kidgy App Gives Parents Unprecedented Control

There is a new app that helps parents monitor what their children are doing and limits them from accessing content the parents don’t want them to.

Many parents struggle with the balance of allowing their children to enjoy electronics while also keeping them safe from pornographic, violent or otherwise objectionable content. They may not be there to monitor them all the time, and they fear that their child may be intentionally or unintentionally gaining access to content the parents would not want them to extend to the child’s phone as well. Many smartphones have all the same capabilities as computers and tablets, which means they can be used to download, stream and access all kinds of content that may be harmful to the child.

The Kidgy app puts parents back in control, even when they are not present. Parents can use the simple settings to determine what their kids download, what apps are installed on the device, what sites they are allowed to visit and which ones are banned. These parental controls are completely customizable, so that parents can change the settings as children grow older and can handle more adult content. It also allows people with differing parenting styles to control what their children do and access to their liking.

One of the best features about the app is that it alerts parents when restricted content is accessed. Alerts are sent in the form of texts to the parents’ phone, and these alerts can be set for not just internet sites and apps that have been prohibited, but also to let parents know if their kids are driving over the speed limit. The speed limit feature is one that hasn’t been implemented yet, but is coming soon to the app.

The app is also useful for tracking history. It can show parents what sites the child has accessed, what apps have been installed (even if they have already been deleted) and who the child called and received calls from. It works with most smart devices, such as phones and tablets.

As a phone app, it can be used to block unknown numbers and to limit who the child calls. There is even a setting coming soon to the app that allows the phone to be locked to where it can only call home and do nothing else. That’s incredibly useful for parents who want to keep their kid safe from online content or just be used on their child as a form of punishment. But it can also allow their kid a chance to call home if necessary.

This app is all about suiting the individual parenting style that different people have. Some parents just want to know where their kids are without being invasive or annoying. They can do that using the GPS feature that tracks the child’s location using a detailed map. This same feature also comes with a panic button for the child, so they can simply press a single button on the app and have their GPS information sent to the parent.

The world out there is unsafe for kids, and parents are often worried that their children will be harmed by people or content. The Kidgy app helps parents to protect their children when they are into present. It allows for parents to send their kids off to school or various events and locations with their phone while making sure they will be safe doing so. The child has a way to contact their parents but does not have unfettered access to questionable content. They also have a way to call for help if they need it, setting parents’ minds at ease.

It is more important than ever for parents to monitor what their kids do, as so much objectionable and harmful content is now easily accessible on the very devices that kids use every day. Many kids are also travelling by themselves to school or even to jobs while more parents are in the workforce than ever before. This app protects both parents and children and permits parents to continue to be protective of their children even at a distance. It helps to alleviate worry and ensure that parents have the tools they need to do their job and to protect their kids no matter where their children are or what devices they are using.

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