How to Make Money Online Through Paid Surveys

How to Make Money Online Through Paid Surveys

Did you know that you can make extra money online in just 15 minutes by simply taking paid surveys?

That’s right. You can absolutely turn your extra time into money without leaving the comforts of your home.

Paid surveys are nothing new. Companies pay top money to get a direct insight into their consumers’ heads.

That’s why they team up with reputable reward sites such as FreeCryptoRewards, GrabPoints, and GCLoot. 

These sites incentivize performing market research tasks such as taking paid surveys.

In return for each survey completion, you are awarded points you can use to redeem a wide variety of digital rewards.

In this article, we’ll go over how you can get another stream of income with minimal effort. 

FreeCryptoRewards: How to Get Started

FreeCryptoRewards (FCR) is known for rewarding cryptocurrencies to its members.

Complete a survey, accrue enough points, and redeem Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. 

We all know how volatile the cryptocurrency market is. For a big chance of winning, you must be prepared to also lose big time.

If you are someone who doesn’t want to take that risk, you can try signing up on FCR. Easily diversify your crypto portfolio at zero cost and zero risk.

To get started, you only need to provide your email address and a strong password.

Then, you’ll receive a confirmation email. You need to click the link provided to you to verify your account. And voila, you are good to go. 

FCR has various survey providers. To maximize your earning potential, make sure to take surveys from providers that allow unlimited completion.

GrabPoints: Are the rewards worth it?

GrabPoints is one of the highest-paying reward sites in the industry. It also boasts of thousands of prizes from cash rewards and gift cards to virtual currencies and digital items. Indeed, GrabPoints has it all for you. 

By completing surveys, you can get free coffee at any time when you redeem Starbucks gift cards.

And how does a heavily discounted Airbnb stay sound for you and your family? That is certainly within your reach when you claim Airbnb gift codes. 

Plus, you no longer have to spend tons of money on gifts. You can get gift cards from well-known retailers such as Amazon and Walmart to give to your family and friends. No one can say no to generous gift cards.

GrabPoints is perfect for people with hectic schedules. There is no set amount of hours or number of surveys you need to complete.

You just have to show up and take as many surveys as you feel like doing. But remember, the more surveys you take, the more points you can earn.

GCLoot: Can you actually earn?

GCLoot is the go-to reward site for avid players. Instead of cryptocurrencies and gift cards, rewards you can claim here are everything a gamer could ever want and more. 

Get free Discord nitro, Steam gift cards, rare skins, premium items, and so much more when you take paid surveys on GCLoot.

When taking surveys on GCLoot, note that you can only answer those that you qualify for.

Make sure to share your basic demographic information such as your job, age, gender, etc so the providers can pair you with only the highest matching surveys. 

There are survey providers that grant points even during partial completion or disqualification.

Make better use of your time and take advantage of these survey providers.

Quick Survey Taking Tips You Must Know

Never pay to use an online survey site

You can immediately spot the biggest red flag if the reward site asks you for payment. Here’s the thing.

It is you who should get paid, not them. You are more likely to be scammed in this scenario.

Don’t solely depend on the income from reward sites

If you get enjoyment in scoring good deals and don’t mind spending a few minutes filling out a survey, this can be a great side gig.

However, the income from purely taking paid surveys is not enough to be your only source of income. Diversify and try out other faster-paying side gigs as well.

Be patient and don’t rush through surveys

Some people get impatient by filling out survey forms and completing them.

They proceed to rush and give inconsistent answers. Watch out because there are a few tricks that survey providers implement to spot these kinds of takers.

Always take the time to answer as thoroughly as possible to avoid getting your account penalized.

Are reward sites worth it?

Earning a little extra money feels great. Reward sites such as GrabPoints and the rest offer multiple ways to earn money aside from taking surveys. You can even get paid for watching videos and playing mobile games.

If you remain persistent in taking paid surveys, there’s no limit to how many cash rewards and other digital prizes you can claim.

This low-effort and low-stress side hustle might be what you are looking for.

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