Feeling Sexy After Having A Baby

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By Luciana Oliveira

Is not easy to tap into you inner sexy goddess after having a baby so we will share a few ideas with you in this blog post. I remember trying to reconnect with myself a couple of months postpartum but it was not easy. I was breastfeeding around the clock and my body didn’t feel or look the same and I remember really struggling to feel attractive so read on to see if some of these ideas help you.

First of all, I wanted to feel sexy for myself. I think it is absolutely important that we reconnect with ourselves regardless if you do or do not have a partner. Feeling sexy can be very empowering and affect different aspects of your life. Feeling sexy will make you feel more confident and that will radiate to whoever is around you. I really struggled with how I felt especially because of breastfeeding. None of my bras or lingerie pre baby fitted me anymore and I had to buy everything again. 

To be honest, freshening up your wardrobe is never a bad thing and this is a great excuse to do so. Do not feel uncomfortable because you went a few sizes up. Carrying a baby will change you and embracing the new you as you pursue whatever body you prefer is a game changer. So here is a few things you could try to tap into that more confident you:

Take it easy

Be kind to yourself and take your time to get there. We often neglect ourselves and then feel guilty for doing so. If you feel like snuggling with your little one all day in your pjs honour that and chill. You can try something new tomorrow. Nobody is judging you and if they are, don’t pay them any attention

Start small

Take a shower, wash your hair, put some make up on and fresh clothes. That alone should bring you a little joy and eventually it could become the norm and you can add that to your daily routine. Slow and steady

Move your body

And nobody is telling you to go to the gym. Gyms are overrated. If you go for a walk or do a little dance in your kitchen you are winning. Move your body in a way that feels comfortable to you. Dance in the shower. Dance for your baby or with your baby, but move. A little bit everyday and you will feel refreshed by all those endorphins running through your body

Ditch the maternity clothes

Whenever you can, wear normal clothes. Wear something other than the nursing bras. I always vote for comfort and a lace bralette is a beautiful and comfy substitute to nursing bras and they can be so sexy. 

Pamper yourself

If you have a friend that could babysit for a bit so you can head to the salon, don’t be shy and do so. After I love the feeling of silk pyjamas after a nice long warm bath. Get some lovely oils and bath bombs, a glass of wine and candles.

You will get there eventually. The most important thing is to take little steps towards your goal. Don’t wait until you feel the urge to do so…start small and slowly you will realise it is all about consistency and dedication. Your well being is as important as your baby’s.

If you are not ok, if you are not in the correct mindset and if your body isn’t being nourished you will not be the in the position to be fully present with your baby, so look after yourself the same way you look after your baby.




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  1. It’s been 3 years since having my twins and my stomach still hangs, I still wear maternity knickers but did get rid of my maternity clothes. I’m slowly starting to be kinder to myself but it’s hard when life is so fast paced and now I’ve started getting grey hairs it is a uphill battle


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