Balancing Parenthood and Education 

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By Luciana Oliveira

Today’s higher education structure is different from how it was created. These days, college pupils are not just young adults who have just finished high school and want to further their studies. Universities are filled with different people from different backgrounds and different life challenges. While the problem of some undergraduates is the next Frat party on campus, most students battle real issues like parenting. The university is the best place for anyone who wants to further their ambitions. Such caregivers do not find this journey to be an easy one. 

To be a parent means having a child or family to cater to. It means that aside from personal needs, you need to provide essential things for the family. Raising money to provide food, shelter, and comfort for a family. How do students’ parents cope? There are many challenges that a mother or father faces. Going back to school while raising a family is possible. Proper guidance is significant to achieve success in education and parenting. 

Challenges That May Arise for Student Parents

The first way to provide a solution to a problem is to identify the problem. According to statistics, most parents who have it the hardest usually have children under six. Having a baby while in college is quite the task, as the kid demands everything from the caregiver. So it is a wise idea to assign tasks to people who can help fast and professionally. Students may go to sites for hiring a college essay writer with the request “write my college essay” to get their assignments completed. It helps to manage time for your family and ensure good grades in school work. Below are five other pieces of advice:

What are the other issues student parents face?

  • Inadequate Time

Everybody is twenty-four hours rich. How that time is spent determines if the person is in time in poverty or riches. As sad as it would sound, student mothers and fathers are in time poverty. They have a lot of tasks to carry out with the same twenty-four hours given to everyone. Most of them are supposed to be full-time parents to cater to their child’s needs. But they have to take on jobs to provide for the family. Full-time or part-time jobs, juggling employment with catering for a child and the many courses to offer seems like mission impossible. 

  • Child Care Services

The cost of catering for a child is prohibitive. From the child’s immediate needs to putting the child in daycare services is costly. Most childcare services are difficult to access, and the ones on campus are often filled up. A significant disadvantage of overpopulated childcare services is that the children are prone to accidents and sickness, as the workers can only look after some children simultaneously. Those not in the campus area are costly, and undergraduates need all the money they get to further their education and cater to their families. 

  • Bad Grades

The dream of going back to college can only be fulfilled when you act on that dream. But going to school is only fruitful if you achieve what you went there for in the first place. Although some people are good at juggling different aspects of life, most parents find it challenging to do excellently in school. Bad results steal the dreams of attaining a degree. While battling with the child and work, unknowingly, most undergraduates give less attention to their academics. It is because it is the third on the priority spectrum. It comes after family care and suitable employment. 

Top 5 Advice and Studying Tips for Effective Time Management and Succeeding in College

As the significant challenges student’s families face have been identified, time is seen as a major factor. If one finds enough time to do all the needed tasks, such an undergraduate can have balanced academics and parenting. 

Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is a silent thief. It steals time, so a person might only notice its effect once it is too late. The minute a task comes your way as an undergraduate, swing into action and do it. That way, it reduces the pending tasks and gives you more time to cater to your family. 

Schedule Appropriately

A schedule is critical as it reminds you of all that needs to be done. Planning classes and jobs prevent them from clashing with each other. This way, you are aware of the free period. That free period is used to study and provide attention to your family.

Break Tasks into Bits

When the tasks you need to do are left in your head to float, they seem impossible to perform. Please write down the tasks that should be taken care of and arrange them in order of priority. Doing the tasks one at a time prevents them from overwhelming you. 

Set Goals and Make Realistic Plans

Highlighting all the tasks that have to be done at home, school, and work is crucial. For these twenty-four hours, A and B are the things I have to do. When planning these daily goals, ensure they are realistic and achievable. Remember to include child care in your dreams.

Manage Your Time With Intentions

The only way to get something done is to do it. After all, plans have been made, ensure you carry them out. Doing your tasks with the mindset of success makes you achieve your dreams.

These are not just advice for managing your time properly, but tips for being successful in college.

Parenting statistics among UK students

While individuals look for systems to help them achieve a university degree and good parenting, society also helps. According to the current statistics, only 60% of working moms and dads have reliable childcare services where they leave their children. While it may be a high percentage, it is a drop from a few years ago. Will the stats keep declining, making it difficult for undergraduates to attend school and work? 

In the end, there are enough reasons why you do not need a college degree to be successful. Most individuals find their way around work and family. They choose full-time parenting over education. That is because they have goals in mind, and they believe they are successful. Why not give the child all the attention it needs now?

Wrapping up

If you have decided to be both a full-time mum and a student, it is possible to find a balance between them. Having the right goals and staying faithful to your promises take you further than expected. There is nothing impossible. Learn what works for you. Make friends with other schoolmates who do not have the burden of parenting and ask for their assistance. Visit the guidance and counseling section of the school and get important advice on how to be a parent and a good pupil. Some might help with studies, others with caring for the child. Also, when looking for a school to attend, do adequate research and choose a school with low stats of student parents. It allows you to use childcare services on campus without worrying about overpopulation. Ask the right questions and smash your goals.

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