Tutti Rouge Lingerie Review…and why we love it

Motherhood is a beautiful journey. Once we find out that parenting life is in the horizon everything changes. And I mean EVERYTHING…especially our bodies. Of course we know and prepare ourselves mentally for all these changes but there is no amount of preparation to get us ready for it. It took me a long time to understand and accept my post baby body. I went trough many thoughts, diets and self deprecation to finally appreciate this perfect machine that my body really is. After 3 years of breastfeeding and solely dedicating myself to my daughter I have to admit I did not feel like myself when I looked at the mirror. Very few of my pre baby clothes fitted my new post baby body. And after fighting and resisting I decided to appreciate it and love it just as it is. It was not easy but I found a new type of sexy that I have never experienced before.

What worked for me and helped to regain my confidence was taking selfies. I would force myself to put some make up on, do something nice with my hair and wear something a bit more provocative. Trust me this was a long process. You need to commit to it and eventually you will get that perfect shot where your face and your body will look incredible. It will not always work. You will delete hundreds of pictures out of the hundreds you took. Do not be disheartened. It worked for me and I am sure it will work for you too. When you see that perfect shot of the perfect you all will make sense and slowly your confidence will come back. Ypu will look at that picture and see yourself again and eventually you will love the new you.

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4 Tips To Help Parents Sleep Better At Night

Being a parent is hard work, not least because your regular routine goes entirely out the window. Those days when you can eat, sleep, and go out when you want are long gone. Of course, after a while, you get used to it. Your body starts to adjust to how hectic everything is, and as your baby develops, they start to settle a little too. Things begin to resemble some form of normality again, making it a lot easier for you to cope.

Just because you start to have a routine again, though, that doesn’t mean everything goes back to how it was. Plenty of parents still struggle to sleep well at night, so accustomed to waking up in the night to tend to their crying baby. If you currently find yourself in that position, you might find these tips helpful. With any luck, they’ll make it easier to drift off, allowing you to have the good night’s sleep you deserve.

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6 Books to Read on Your Everyday Commute to College

Do you like commuting? Well, that’s probably a silly question… Hardly anyone does. Rush hours, bustling strangers, having to go out early and face bad weather. There are plenty of reasons to hate your daily commute to college.

But hold on – you can always use this dreadful time of the day to your benefit. One of the best ways to do it is also the simplest: read a book! We have some recommendations here that won’t leave you a chance to get bored for many hours to come. 

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Refresh Your Home Ready for Spring

As the evenings start to get a little lighter and the frost begins to recede, now is the perfect time to update your surroundings, ready for a new season. If you’re ready to bid farewell to freezing temperatures and dull, dark mornings, you’ll be eager to transform your living environment in anticipation of sunnier days ahead. For inspiration, take a look at these eight ways to refresh your home ready for Spring:

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Should You Teach Your Kids About Cryptocurrencies?

If you’ve been looking at any tech or finance-related news website, then you’ve likely heard that Bitcoin is once again surging in price. Cryptocurrencies can be incredibly volatile, but if one thing’s for sure, it’s that Bitcoin has steadily increased since its inception several years ago. Even though there have been countless headlines about Bitcoin dropping in value, it’s ultimately maintained its momentum and is still growing to this day.

But when it comes to speaking to your children about finances, is cryptocurrency one of the topics that you should bring up as well? Does it make sense to educate your children about such a niche financial topic?

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Femme Luxe – Loungewear collections

You have probably seen a previous post we made about the gorgeous pieces we were gifted by Femme Luxe a few months ago, where we tried out some of the lovely t-shirts from Femme Luxe. Now we are going to share with you some of their amazing lounge wear collection. Anna and I had such a great time shooting these pictures and we will break it all down for you in this post. If we are all going to be spending so much time indoors lets try and make it as comfortable and pleasant as possible right?

Let me start by saying I am obsessed with comfy clothing. So much so I am always buying clothes that are sometimes 1 or 2 sizes bigger than my actual size just to make sure they fit nicely but mostly they feel comfortable. As a stay at home mum I am constantly moving around the house chasing my very active daughter, so comfy and resilient attire is a not vanity… it is a necessity and I am sure all the mums reading this will agree. Now combine these qualities with an outfit that is actually cute and will make you look like the coolest mum on the block! Femme Luxe just did that.

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Create the Perfect Learning Environment at Home: A Guide

Parents have had to stand up this year and get directly involved with their children’s education in ways that they haven’t had to in a long time, and it’s important that we take the lessons that we have learned as parents and continue to teach at home. 

There is so much that a child needs to learn, and there aren’t enough teachers nor hours in the day for a school to get through everything, especially not with the focus and dedication that every child needs. 

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High Tech Interiors – A Fascinating Décor Trend

Until recently, the interior design world didn’t have a good definition of a “high tech” interior. Collectively, we sort of knew what somebody meant when they said that an interior had a “techno vibe.” But it wasn’t its own style like, say, zen, art deco or country. 

Now, though, that’s all changing. High-tech is going mainstream in the way many science fiction writers believed it would. And it is becoming a recognisable style in its own right. 

High-tech is a little different from ultra-modern. Both emerge from a philosophy that says the world is something that we can master through science. But high-tech takes a more flamboyant approach, making more liberal use of colour than its rival. 

Interestingly, though, high tech interiors aren’t necessarily anti-cosy. While they do use geometric shapes, they also employ wavy lines more liberally. Sofas, coffee tables and ottomans often have deliberately flowy contours. 

Modern And Innovative

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The benefits of saving for your child’s future

Saving towards your child’s future is a smart move for those who can. Whilst the future may seem years and years away in this present moment, when it comes to saving, the sooner you start the better. Putting aside money each month provides a nice honeypot for your child as they reach adulthood. It could contribute towards driving lessons, a house deposit or even help fund a life-changing trip round the world. The possibilities are endless.


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Top Hand Washing Tips For Children With Eczema

Keeping small hands with sensitive skin clean and hygienic whilst avoiding irritated skin can be challenging. 

The coronavirus pandemic has made hand washing more important than ever. Most of us have found ourselves washing our own and our children’s hands far more frequently than we normally would.

Even those without skin conditions have found the frequent hand washing and use of harsh alcohol sanitisers has taken its toll on the skin on their hands, drying it out and sometimes even causing it to crack painfully.

If your child suffers from eczema, then you may have found it particularly challenging to find a balance between keeping their hands clean and preventing their skin from becoming dry and causing an eczema break out.

In this article you will find out the best handwashing products and tips for washing your child’s hands to keep them both clean and comfortable.

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