A Beginner’s Guide To Vaping: Essential Advice To Choose The Right Setup For You

There are many reasons for people to take up vaping, whether it’s to replace a smoking habit, for socialising purposes, or even just as a new enjoyable hobby. Getting involved in the world of vaping may seem like a bit of a complicated step, but it really doesn’t have to be. There may appear to be lots of topics and equipment to consider when starting out, but with the help of our guide, as well as the advice of long-term vapers, you’ll find that you’ll be set up with your brand new vape in no time at all. 

Why Do You Want To Vape?
First of all, you’ll want to contemplate your reasons for vaping. Don’t be afraid of this question though, as there really is no right or wrong answers. At the end of the day, nobody needs to know why you’re taking up vaping other than you. Just make sure you know exactly what your reasons are so you can make the right choices along the way, avoiding a set up that isn’t right for you. As well as this, you’ll want to think about your tolerance for vaping. If a vape is strong and you’re not accustomed to this from other activities such as smoking, you might find that it’s too much for you to handle. Likewise, if you’re quitting smoking, for example, you might want to ensure you’re getting a stronger vape that usual to replicate that same sensation. 

Benefits Of Quitting Smoking
As the sole reason for vaping to come into existence, quitting smoking can be incredibly challenging. Not only is the nicotine found in tobacco an addictive substance, but the actual habit itself can be difficult to shake. Smoking is still seen as a social activity in many instances, and it can be hard to resist a cigarette on a night out, especially as an ex-smoker, or someone trying to quit. But there are so many reasons to consider giving up smoking, and most are related to your health. The increased risk of deadly diseases such as lung disease and cancer from inhaling the myriad of dangerous chemicals in tobacco smoke is the main reason lots of people give up. Other reasons include a better sense of smell and taste, and a more appealing appearance. 

The History Of Vaping And E-Cigarettes
You might be surprised to know that the idea of an electronic cigarette is not a new one. In fact, it was in 1963 when Herbert Gilbert filed a patent for the first electronic smoking device, which, if you look at the patent design, you’ll see how incredibly similar it looks to the modern vape pen. Unfortunately, times were much different back then and there was an almost non-existent market for vapes as cigarettes were so widely available and weren’t seen as overly dangerous. Flash forward to 2003 and the first ever e-cigarette was constructed by a Chinese pharmacist, who wanted to give up smoking after his own father passed away from lung cancer. He identified that it was possible to inhale a nicotine-based vapor, simulating the sensation of smoking which satisfied his habit whilst removing the hundreds of other harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke. It was only two years after that when the first designs began appearing in the UK and the rest of the world. 

When And Where To Vape
Before you do start vaping, it’s important to think about safety as well as the law when it comes to when and where you can vape. By law, you’re not actually prevented from being able to vape indoors as you are with smoking. However, each establishment has its own rules and regulations, and you should abide by those no matter what. The owner and staff of that area have every right to ask you to leave should you defy those rules. If you do want to vape inside, politely ask what the policy is. Most of the time, you’ll be asked to restrict vaping to outdoor areas, and many pubs and restaurants will have a specific area for smokers and vapers to go. It’s worth checking out this handy guide on vaping etiquette as there are many different aspects to this that even long-time vapers haven’t considered. Ultimately, you should aim to be a respectful vape user, and be considerate of those around you who might not want to breathe your vapor! 

Cigalikes And Pods
These options are perfectly viable for vaping, but they are usually chosen by those looking to quit smoking and are just after that nicotine hit. Cigalikes are small, disposable, electronic cigarettes that come pre-loaded with vape liquid. They are easy to carry around and look very similar to actually cigarettes. The portability and familiarity of these devices are what make some people choose them, however they are quite wasteful and aren’t overly great for the environment due to not being reusable once their battery dies. Pods on the other hand are small, reusable vape pens that either have a refillable mouthpiece or are pre-filled. The mouthpiece or pod attaches to the base unit and then vaporizes the liquid delivering you vapor into your lungs. The battery life is understandably shorter on these devices, although they are often chosen due to their compact size and are often much cheaper than a standard pen setup.

Vape Pens
These are the standard devices of the vape world. A majority of the time you see someone vaping, the chances are they’re using some form of vape pen, with a slim, cigar-shaped build. These devices are quite affordable, rechargeable, refillable and provide a good quality vapor. They are often the go-to for new vapers and provide a good mix of quality and cost-effectiveness. Smokers that are looking for a long-term alternative to tobacco often choose a vape pen kit to get started with. 

Box Mod Vapes
The box mod vape is a larger, bulkier model but there’s a reason for this. Box mods, while a tiny bit more complex to use and maintain, have a much longer battery life than their counterparts, and deliver a much stronger vapor cloud, as well as being known for providing a better flavour from the liquids. Vaping hobbyists often use box mods mainly due to their customisability, however, the other benefits they provide make these devices very enticing if you’re willing to deal with the complexity and the often-higher costs. 

What To Think About When Choosing A Vape
Once you’ve identified your reasons to start vaping, and have researched the available types of devices on offer, you’ll want make a decision. There is a significant amount of different vape devices out there and it can all seem a little bit confusing, so make sure you’ve done your research. There are also lots of myths out there, many of which have been cleared up by Public Health England. Strength of the vapor, battery life, type of liquid you’re using, how much maintenance the device requires, and how easy it is to carry around are all important things to think about, so spend plenty of time considering these aspects.

Vape Liquids
Choosing your liquid is just as important as choosing your device too. First, you’re going to want to settle on the right strength of nicotine. Depending on your need for nicotine, you’ll want to experiment to see which strength works for you. You can also get nicotine free liquids and even things like CBD oil, which is used by people for a variety of alleged benefits. Before choosing to vape of course, whether it’s nicotine-based or CBD oil, it’s important speak to your doctor to be certain it’s the right step for you.


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