Together with 3 of my fellow bloggers (Et Speaks From Home, The Brick Castle and Red Rose Mummy) I have been working with Pyrex to try out their new ranges and help to spread the word about them. We recently held our Twitter party #CookWithPyrex which was great fun. It was really popular and was trending at #1 throughout the party. We heard many tales of well loved Pyrex lasting through the generations and making life easy whether at busy family dinner times or special occasions and dinner parties.

Pyrex have sent us their round casserole slow cookers to try out. I love to use a slow cooker as it’s very convenient for one pot meals and the meat comes out so soft and tasty. I had an electrical slow cooker before but unfortunately it got broken when moving house so until now I had been without one.

pyrex slow cooker

After trying this Pyrex cast iron casserole slow cooker, I prefer it so much to the electrical ones I had tried before. It is actually so much more convenient! When cooking meat dishes in a slow cooker, I would prefer to at least brown the onions, meat and add spices, garlic and ginger before adding the water and letting it slow cook. In an electrical slow cooker, I couldn’t put the cooker on to the hob to do this so I would have to do this in a different sauce pan and then transfer the mixture to the slow cooker to continue. The Pyrex cast iron slow cooker can be used on the hob or in the oven so if you need to do this kind of thing at the start of a dish it is so much more convenient (and less washing up!) Likewise if you need to turn up the heat a bit and reduce the liquid at the end of cooking, this is no problem as it is on the hob, so I found it more versatile than the electrical slow cookers I was used to.

The Pyrex slow cooker is very heavy. It feels really solid and well made. I can feel confident that this will not break, as Pyrex offer a lifetime guarantee which really does prove the reliability!

I also love the look of it with the cheerful shiny fire red. It is also available in Matt Black but I think the red has more personality, I love seeing it on my stove.

I have been using the Slow Cooker for all sorts of things since I got it, and this evening I used it to make a slow cooked lamb dish ready for iftar as my husband really likes lamb especially when it is done in a slow cooker and kept very soft!slow cooked lamb

To make this you simply:

  • fry the onions, garlic and ginger
  • add the meat
  • add the spices
  • add some peeled and chopped potato (you can put anything of your choice eg aubergine instead)
  • add chopped tomatoes
  • make sure this is all getting cooked nicely then lower the heat and add some plain yoghurt
  • cover with water, place the lid on and leave it to slow cook
  • later on i also added some spinach leaves as they will need less time to cook
  • at the end, add some chopped coriander

This is really easy for me as I am busy with the kids and can’t spend all day standing at the stove. Once you have left it slow cooking on a low heat, you can leave the kitchen and do whatever you need to do, and come back an hour or so later and check how it is getting on!

I served with buttered naan and this was an easy tasty dish for us to enjoy.

slow cooked lamb slow cooked lamb

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